Murder, Madness, Mayhem: Nancy Grace And Donnie Wahlberg Debate ‘Making A Murderer’


The strange and terrifying adult life of Steven Avery began to gain attention with a jury declaring him guilty of rape. He served 18 years before DNA evidence freed him. Avery sued Manitowoc County, Wisc. for $36 million in a civil suit. Then, he was charged with the gruesome rape and murder of Teresa Halbach, 25, tried, and convicted.

HLN host Nancy Grace and Donnie Wahlberg, “Bluebloods” star, planned a debate for Grace’s program on Monday, January 11. The two discussed the pro’s and con’s of Netflix’s 10-part true-crime documentary, based on Avery. The Netflix show, “Making A Murderer,” is controversial, to say the least.

Wahlberg wrote an editorial for the “Chicago Sun-Times” last week about the documentary. He comments that “Making A Murderer” is only one side of the argument.

The star argued in his opinion piece that Avery’s case was not unlike the ‘90’s trial: O.J. Simpson v. the People. Wahlberg also defended Avery’s nephew Brandan Dassey, an alleged accessory in Avery’s crime.

At this time, Avery, who has an IQ of 70 is serving a life sentence, and Dassey cannot ask for parole until 2048. The two are housed in state prisons under Wisconsin’s authority.

Avery has been consistent in claiming his innocence. Yet, Gov. Scott Walker refuses to pardon Avery. Walker has not pardoned anyone in the past five years, as a matter of principle.

Grace was actually featured in the documentaries, and she called Wahlberg out on his opinion piece:

‘Everybody says [Avery’s nephew, Dassey, age 20] was forced into a confession? BS! He raped Teresa Halbach. He is not a victim!’

Wahlberg replied:

‘The one thing that’s important to remember in all this hullabaloo about the case is that nobody is remembering the true victim in this is Teresa Halbach…If his uncle brought [Dassey] over to engage in this horrific thing, then his uncle is victimizing him.’

Grace clearly does not believe in his innocence:

‘He chose to rape the woman: Teresa Halbach!’

Since the documentary aired, nearly 300,000 people have petitioned, calling for the exoneration and release of the two prisoners. The White house has also been petitioned, but the White House cannot pardon state prisoners, because the cases are outside of its influence.

Grace and Wahlberg continued to engage in intense debate about the issue. She commented to him:

‘Oh, honey, when you get in that chair? It’s on!’

Neither debater was injured during the argument, and the two made peace in Twitter space, offering the other love and respect.

Meanwhile, Avery and Dassey languish in jail, and perhaps, a violent rapest and murderer walks free on Wisconsin streets.

Featured Image: Courtesy Of ‘Nancy Grace.’