The War Is On! Ted Cruz Goes After Trump-‘We May Have A Rumble In The Jungle’


Finally! Watching Ted Cruz sucking up to Donald Trump was making me a little sick to my stomach, because it was so saccharine and such a lie. Today the war has begun, because Cruz began attacking Trump!

Cruz said that it is odd that Trump has “common cause” with the left on citizenship. I think it’s odd that he talks that way, because what in the h*ll does Cruz mean?

Next Cruz jumped on his former best buddy, Trump, for having “New York values.” I wonder what Cruz means when he says “New York values?” I think he is trying to imply that Trump is a city slicker with questionable values.

Cruz reminds me of this salsa commercial where cowboys were sitting around the campfire in what could have been Cruz’s Texas-land. They were eating salsa, but there was one weird dude who got his salsa from: “New. York. City!” All of the cowboys were shocked. Maybe, that is what “New York values” means.

Hugh Hewitt asked Cruz about the nuclear triad, maybe trying to get him screw up his answer like he did in the last GOP debate. Cruz must have been really irritated, since he prides himself as being the best debater in the whole world.

Cruz answered Hewitt’s question the same way he would answer his Harvard law professor. Then he made sure everyone knew how important it is to have a smart president, you know, like him.

He also said it was necessary for a president to have experience to lead, but as near as I can tell, once people get to know Cruz, they walk the other way.

Then Cruz came in for the Trump-whammy:

‘And it’s certainly relevant does a commander-in-chief understand who our enemy is, radical Islamic terrorism, understand how to defeat it not just based on what’s said on Sunday shows on TV, but actually understanding the nature of the threat and what is required to defeat it?’

Cruz stole the “Sunday shows” line from Jeb Bush, who has been using it for quite some time.

Hugh Hewitt said that Cruz-Trump reminded him of Ali-Frazier, a famous boxing duo. Cruz replied:

‘Look, we may have a Rumble in the Jungle, we may have a Thrilla in Manila, and I don’t know if I’m going to pound through or float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. But at this point, I have now used my entire repertoire of boxing analogies.’

If Cruz intends to wage his war of words like this, he may be in trouble.

Listen to Cruz’s first Trump attack on Hugh Hewett’s show here:



Featured Image: By Gage Skidmore via Flickr.