Backer Of Bundy Militia Arrested After Building Bombs And Threatening Police


A man in California who calls himself a supporter of and sympathizer with the militia members who have taken over an Oregon wildlife preserve was arrested Saturday and charged with building bombs and making threats against law enforcement officials.

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Todd Sloan: Image Via Facebook

Kern County deputies received a tip that Tood Sloan had been making online threats against local and federal law enforcement officers. Upon serving a search warrant at Sloan’s house, police found improvised and commercial explosives and “booby traps” throughout the residence.

Sloan was immediately arrested and charged with three counts of possession of a destructive device or explosive near a public place, three counts of making a destructive device without a permit, three counts of possessing a destructive device, and one count of being in possession of a firearm while on probation. He is being held on $2 million bond.

Sloan first came to the attention of law enforcement when he left bizarre comments on the website for the Daily Independent newspaper, one of which read:

I don’t pay tax revalation (sic).

On Facebook, Sloan also made rambling postings such as this:

Bundy Ranch? We the People Lost Jorden Hot Spring. Evil Goverment. Found More Evil. B.L.M. Run People Out of Back Country Area’s forced to City & Homeless??? I Know of Many, Thinking Back. A Lot of Vet’s to. & Foristry Would Not Renew Jordan Hot Spring Area. & Distroy the Area it Was Heaven. Many People Lots A Very Nice Vacation Now Gone. Evil Goverment (sic).

Though Sloan has no direct connection to the Oregon militants who are led by Ammon Bundy, he does consider himself to be a “sovereign citizen” and is also a proponent of what is known as “natural law.” Some of his postings on that subject are also more than a bit odd:

GOD Gave You EveryThing You Need, Is On the Planet GOD Made Many Clues In the Bible,” he posted shortly before his arrest. “Find What God Left For You. Treasure Hunting The Bible. Gold Every Where. Miss Guided. Devil Marijuana.Beleve in Your Self & What GOD Gave Us. Free Medical, Free Energy. Very Evil Goverment (sic).

If Sloan is indicative of others who support the Oregon militiamen, is it really any wonder why these people think they have a right to do whatever they please in the name of some imaginary mandate they have been given by God?

Featured Image Via Facebook