How Did Donald Trump React To the SOTU Address? Like A Spoiled, Bratty Child


Not long ago, a study was done which conclusively proved what many of us have suspected for months now: Donald Trump speaks like a fourth-grader, and therefore his message is easily digested by his supporters and is ratings gold for Fox News.

The latest example of Trump’s juvenile attitude and behavior was proven Tuesday evening during the State of the Union. As he often does, Trump was live tweeting the speech and started out with this incredibly childish take on the President’s remarks:

Sounds a lot like Trump’s comments of Jeb Bush being “low energy.” doesn’t it? It also has the ring of a child who complains that something is so boring that he or she cannot stand it any longer. I’m sooooo bored! Can we turn the channel?

Then, as if he forgot to take his medication, Trump swerves off the topic at hand–the speech–and comes out with:

ADHD much, Donald?

After the speech had concluded, Trump decided to offer a final verdict:

Hey, a good evening’s work, wouldn’t you say? But Trump was far from finished, taking to his keyboard once more to slag Hillary Clinton with this cheap shot:

Do those polls also show how many Americans consider you to be a massive douchebag and would never ever consider voting for you, Donald?

Oddly, Trump then pivoted back to Ted Cruz, as if he had just thought of something he meant to say earlier. That, or he ran out of characters on Twitter:

Donald Trump is a bully, a jerk, an asshat, and the prototypical “ugly American.” He represents all that is worst about this country: Bigotry, racism, xenophobia, fear of all who are the least bit different. In time he will lose. And until then, he will continue to kick dirt on all the other kids on the playground.

Here’s a look at some of Trump’s Greatest Hits on the Insult Parade: