WATCH: Paul Ryan Failed Miserably At Pretending President Obama Isn’t Witty As Hell (Video)


In the midst of a heated campaign season, Republicans are trying harder than ever to disagree with anything that comes out of the mouth of a Democrat.

If you’re Paul Ryan – that’s a lot harder than it looks. As Speaker of the House, Ryan sat behind President Obama as he gave his eighth and final State of the Union address on Tuesday.  Ryan emulated some kind of stoned robot as he kept his face stoic and emotionless for most of the night. In fact, he raised the question on Twitter as to whether he was even alive and breathing:

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Given that it was Obama’s final address, and that he can’t even be re-elected, the least the Speaker of the House could have done was show a little respect for the two term President.

Ryan even thought about practicing his poker-face before the big day, “I probably should practice in the mirror,” he told MSNBC on Monday. “I need to get the whole poker-face thing down. I need to be real stoic.”

Well, Paul, I don’t think all that practice helped much. Before long, he couldn’t resist the President’s witty sense of humor.

Ryan’s face physically went to war with itself.  He tried to do some weird tongue action to curb the laughing, but he failed rather miserably. I wonder what his Republican cohorts were thinking about that?

Obama got to have the last laugh.  His State of the Union address touched on many successes accomplished by his administration, as well as important issues he plans to continue working on during his final year in office.  He even discussed the importance of electing a President this year who has the ability to continue the progress made thus far.  He didn’t even shy away from sending a few digs toward Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP, either.

You can watch all of the President’s final State of the Union address here.

Check out Ryan trying his best to contain himself at the SOTU:

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