BIRTHERS: Want Marco Rubio And Ted Cruz Birth Certificates, Both May Be Ineligible


Hot Damn! At least two of the Republican candidates for president are teetering on the edge of ineligibility. It is rather delicious that two of the top candidates are under the same attack Republicans used to harrangue President Barak Obama about his nationality.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is the guy who was born in Canada, to a Cuban father and a U.S. mother. There is some question whether or not both of his parents had become naturalized Canadian citizens before he was born. Cruz did wait until he was running for president to relinquish his dual Canadian citizenship.

Marco Rubio was born in Florida in 1971. His parents were Cuban immigrants, and they did not become U.S. citizens until 1975. This candidate was born in the states, but if you listen to the birthers, that means Rubio is disqualified.

The birther movement has persuaded 53 percent of all Republicans, that President Barack Obama is not qualified to be president. They believe he was born in Kenya, even though his American mother gave birth to him in Hawaii. Do you suppose they think Hawaii is another country?

With the Iowa caucuses fast approaching, Rubio had to go back to Florida to have a complaint on his eligibility tossed out, saying the argument:

‘…would jeopardize centuries of precedent and deem at least six former presidents ineligible for office.’

The candidate from Florida filed his 34-page motion to dismiss on January 11. His legal team researched the matter thoroughly, and not surprisingly, his attorneys concluded:

‘Senator Rubio is a natural born citizen of the United States and he is eligible to be President of the United States.’

So what argument do birthers use against these two candidates? According to Article 2 of the Constitution:

‘No person except a natural born citizen … shall be eligible to the Office of President.’

Here is the birther argument about Rubio:

‘They also cite the U.S. Supreme Court, which in the 1875 case Minor vs. Happersett, used the term ‘natural born citizen’ in reference to persons who were born in the United States, of U.S.-citizen parents.’

‘Birthers rely on various passages to back up their argument. One is the treatise The Law of Nations by Swiss philosopher Emer de Vattel, which they say influenced the founding fathers. The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.’

We saw the Republicans cannibalize one another Thursday. Trump accused Cruz of being disqualified, because he was born in Canada. Just to irritate his closest contender, Trump plays Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” at his own rallies.

Cruz shot back by playing “New York, New York,” by Frank Sinatra. The Texas senator is trying to gain foothold against Trump by implying he has “New York values,” whatever that means.

So payback is hell, and is it ever fun to watch the Republican drama unfold.

Featured Image: By Gage Skidmore via Flickr.