BREAKING: A Bundy Militia Member Has FINALLY Been Arrested


The authorities are finally fed up with the Bundy militia group, and the first arrest has been made since the whole debacle began over two weeks ago. Maybe they got sick of being made fools of or having their intent questioned by the public. Perhaps they thought there would be a silent ending to this standoff..wrong.

The “militia” member/jackass was arrested outside a grocery store near Burns, Oregon. He was arrested for unauthorized use of a government vehicle. That’s right, folks. He wasn’t arrested for terroristic threats or staging an armed takeover of a government site. He was arrested for driving a government vehicle without being a government worker.

I’m sure the “take-down” was pretty lax too. Cops probably tapped him on the shoulder and asked if he’d mind coming with them. The arrest occurred in the parking lot of a Safeway located 30 miles from the wildlife refuge taken over by the Bundy dipsh*ts.

The group has been seen driving the government vehicles around the compound since the takeover happened, and police have finally found a reason to make an arrest in the case. The local police have done nothing to end this standoff, nor have they even demanded a surrender of the refuge or threatened consequence.

The Harney County Sheriff’s office said Kenneth Medenbach, 62, of Crescent, Oregon was arrested on :

‘..on probable cause for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Law enforcement officers recovered two vehicles stolen from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) had previously reported the vehicles stolen to the Harney County Sheriff’s Office.’

USFWS spokesperson, Megan Nagel made this statement:

‘The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is grateful for the quick actions from law enforcement. We will continue to work with law enforcement to recover vehicles bought and paid for by the American people to care for their national wildlife refuge.’

One news report stated that the militia members had changed the logo on the side of the truck to read, “Harney County Resource Center,” which is the new name the gang of redneck hoodlums has given the wildlife refuge.


Source: The Guardian