BUSTED: Donald Trump Humiliated By Not Even Knowing His Own Policy Proposal


Those who support Donald Trump love to say that what they find most appealing about him is that he speaks his mind and isn’t afraid to make waves with his plans if elected President. But what they neglect to fully understand is that Trump backtracks, reverses himself, and flat out lies whenever it suits his purposes or advances his poll numbers.

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Here’s the perfect example of Trump contradicting himself and looking like both a fool and hypocrite by doing so: On January 6, Trump was speaking with members of the New York Times Editorial Board and he was asked how exactly he planned to make China comply with trade laws. Trump replied:

I would tax China coming in — products coming in. I would do a tariff. And they do it to us. But it’s got to be reasonably fair. I would do a tax, and the tax — let me tell you what the tax should be. The tax should be 45 percent.

OK, no matter what you may think of a 45 percent tariff, at least he’s got a proposal and he’s specific about it.

But then just a few days later Trump was on “Cavuto” on the Fox Business Channel and he flat out denied ever making such comments to the Times, telling host Neil Cavuto:

Well, I don’t have a 45 — I’m just saying, I’m just saying that we have to take a tough stance on China because I never said — I don’t even know where the 45 percent came from …  I said that is the equivalent of what they’ve done with respect to their devaluations. But China has to pay a price if they don’t start, you know, behaving, because they’re killing us on trade.

You don’t know where the 45 percent came from, Donald? It came from you! Came right out of your big hateful mouth!

Thankfully, Thomas Kaplan of the Times called Trump out for his flat out lie, posting this online after he appeared on Cavuto’s show:

And then during last night’s GOP debate, we have Trump again saying he believes there should be a tariff on Chinese imports:


So we are left to wonder which of those statements is accurate. Maybe none of them are. I find it hard to believe that Donald Trump would be tough on China in light of the fact that his luxury clothing line is produced there. We can hope and pray that is never an issue and that he never gets within a mile of the White House.

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