WATCH: Oregon Lawmaker Shreds Feds For Ignoring ‘Ultra-Rightwing Extremist’ Bundy Militants


Since the armed militants who have occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, for close to two weeks now have suffered no consequences for their actions, even after schools and businesses were forced to shut down, a lawmaker in the state asked a question for the U.S. Justice Department during a fiery speech.

Democratic Rep.  asked, “Is anybody home?”

“You gotta wonder if the heat and the lights are on or if anybody’s home down there at the Justice Department,” he remarked. “Hello? I don’t think anybody’s there,” he said.

The lawmaker continued to say that the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is now “illegally occupied by ultra-right wing anti-government extremists.”

DeFazio said Ammon Bundy, the militia group leader, has been inspired by his father, Cliven Bundy and that the father should have never gotten away with the armed standoff in Nevada in which he was illegally using land to graze his cattle and refused to pay ranching fees.

“He celebrated the anniversary of the takeover and said ‘this is how it’s done.’ And now his sons are replicating that in my state of Oregon, where we abide by the laws,” Rep. DeFazio said, according to KEZI. “Yeah, we disagree over a lot of federal policies, but we abide by the laws. It’s time for the justice department to take some action. Wake up down there!”

“I believe that this illegal occupation, this destruction of federal property was directly emboldened by the fact that their father of the two leaders, Cliven Bundy, stood down the government two years ago when he owed a million dollars — other ranchers paid their grazing fees, he refuses to do it. And he was grazing in areas that were prohibited,” he said. “And he stood down the government at the point of a gun, and he’s still grazing and nobody, nobody at the Justice Department has seen fit to raise a finger against him.”

“It’s time for the Justice Department to take some action. Wake up down there!” he shouted.


According to the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association (OSSA), the FBI is in charge of settling the protest and occupancy of a federal building. However, when an armed group confronted the FBI compound near the refuge, the feds did nothing. Most of us, including the democratic lawmaker, are wondering what the feds are thinking.

Image: Screengrab.