WATCH: Rachel Maddow Epically Calls Hillary A Liar When She Tries To Smear Bernie (Video)


Hillary Clinton was called out by television host, Rachel Maddow yesterday when Clinton stopped by Maddow’s show for a quick interview. While Maddow was extremely thrilled to have the Democratic candidate as a guest, she certainly didn’t hold back when questioning Hillary’s overly dramatic reaction to Bernie Sanders’ new campaign ad.

The ad released by the Sanders campaign never named Hillary specifically, and didn’t state anything that was untrue about the candidate. However, Hillary lost her sh*t when she saw it, and released a press release basically taddling on Bernie for doing what he promised he’d never do..go negative.

Press release via screengrab

I have personally never seen anyone go this hard on Hillary, and Maddow was in no way standing for any bullsh*t from Mrs. Clinton when she said:

“I have seen the ad you’re referring too, honestly it is not much of an attack. It never says your name, it says there’s two Democratic visions for regulating Wall Street, and one that says, I’m going to quote it directly, ‘it’s ok to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do.’ so yes, thats an oblique criticism of you taking Wall Street donations, but it’s not like, something new, it’s not something over-the-top that means that he [Sanders] is like this personal attacker in the campaign.”

Hillary went on to make excuses as to why she is acting like an ill-tempered child, as if it isn’t blatantly obvious to everyone watching that Hillary is just pissed that she’s experiencing the worst case of deja vu ever. Hillary was also set to win the Democratic nomination back in 2008 until an unknown Senator came out of nowhere and won over the hearts of Americans. She is now seeing that happen yet again with Sanders and his unbeatable charisma. Watch the smack-down below.

Video courtesy of MSNBC:

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