KILLER WATER: A City In Crisis, Drinking Water Worse Than Toxic Waste, Charities Deliver Clean Water


Finally! After two years, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder declared the city of Flint in a state of emergency. What the hell is wrong with this a*sh*ole?

At last, he asked President Obama for disaster assistance to help people deal with lead-contaminated drinking water.

It only took two years and heavy public and media pressure for Snyder to admit to the water crisis.

The emergency financial manager that the governor installed, after kicking out the citizen-elected officials, decided to save $100 a day by opting out of Detroit’s water supply.

He chose to draw water from the Flint River in April 2014. Detroit gets its water from Lake Huron.

Why Aide Needed Now

The water was ill-colored, and researchers have proven the number of children with above-acceptable lead levels in their blood has doubled.

This is horrible, because lead causes irreversible brain damage and behavioral problems.

In addition, doctors diagnosed 87 cases of Legionnaire’s Disease, a water-borne disease, in Flint since June. Ten of these people died.

Charities Overwhelmed

The need has overwhelmed charities distributing donated bottled water. Snyder offered the charities 20 city workers to help them, which is laughable.

In the past week, Snyder activated the National Guard, but only to help distribute water that charities have collected to the city’s residents.

Drinking Toxic Waste

Virginia Tech researchers took level readings throughout the city.

More than half of the levels fell into the category of “toxic waste” as defined by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), which is 5000 ppb (parts per billion).

Keep in mind, the EPA regulations are far more generous than those by the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

Some of the Flint homes had lead levels over 2 ½ times the level of toxic waste (13,000 ppb)!

Dr. Marc Edwards was in “disbelief,” he said:

‘We had never seen such sustained high levels of lead in 25 years of work.”

The results were not one-time tests for lead levels.

Edwards said that the team tested and retested using extra quality controls and quality assurance checks and came out with the very same results.

Virginia Tech researchers posted their test results online.

No Lead Is Safe

Researchers stress that there is no 100 percent “safe” level of lead in drinking water, only acceptable levels.

The researchers say that the lead levels in Flint are high enough to be dangerous for children, and the younger the child, the more lethal the damage.

In 10 percent of the tested Flint homes, the levels of lead are 30 times higher than acceptable levels.

How This Happened

Even though Flint reconnected to Detroit’s water system in October, the pipes were already damaged.

The water in the Flint River has high saline (salt) levels, that corroded the city’s pipes that carry the water from the river to the taps.

Experts currently say the water is not safe for drinking or cooking, but the water is safe for bathing.

Bathing safety, as defined by the CDC’s report, indicates the human skin cannot absorb lead.

However, those safety regulations do not take into consideration children getting bathing water into their mouths.

People cannot use Flint water to brush their teeth, add to formula or concentrated juice, or use in any of the many other ways people ingest it.

What Lead Does To Kids

The World Health Organization (WHO) has this to say about the effects of lead on humans:

‘Lead is a metal with no known biological benefit to humans. Too much lead can damage various systems of the body including the nervous and reproductive systems and the kidneys, and it can cause high blood pressure and anemia…

‘Lead is especially harmful to the developing brains of fetuses and young children and to pregnant women.’

‘Lead interferes with the metabolism of calcium and Vitamin D.

‘High blood lead levels in children can cause consequences which may be irreversible including learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and mental retardation.

‘At very high levels, lead can cause convulsions, coma and death.’

People are calling for Gov. Snyder’s arrest.