Donald Trump Takes Credit After Obama Secures Release Of American Prisoners From Iran


After a historic prisoner exchange with Iran which had absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump, the hotel magnate has taken credit for it. Yesterday’s deal marks another achievement by President Barack Obama and John Kerry.

However, the GOP front-runner says there may be something more to the recent release of American prisoners held by Iran.

“I’ve been hitting them hard, and I think I might’ve had something to do with it,” Trump said during a campaign stop on Saturday just hours after four American prisoners were freed.

Politico reports:

On the campaign trail, Trump has often criticized the Obama administration for failing to secure the release of those prisoners in its negotiations with the country.

“It’s part of my staple thing,” said Trump. “You know, I go crazy when I hear about this. You go absolutely wild, because how is it possible? We have one who’s in there who’s a reporter for the Washington Post. He didn’t do anything wrong by the way.”

Trump said he remained dissatisfied with the release of the prisoners. “It should’ve taken place three and a half four years ago,” he said, adding, “It should’ve been done right at the beginning.”

Trump also said the deal — in which the United States granted clemency to seven Iranians and dismissed charges against 14 others — was not a good one for the U.S.

Except, Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaia, who was arrested in Iran in 2014 and convicted of espionage last year, was not imprisoned four years ago.

On Twitter, Trump writes, “Iran humiliated the United States with the capture of our 10 sailors. Horrible pictures & images. We are weak. I will NOT forget!”

The exchange never would have happened without the Iran nuclear deal, which Trump has called ‘lousy.’

Pastor Saeed Abedini, who was detained for compromising national security, due to presumably Christian proselytizing in September 2012, was sentenced in 2013 to 8 years in prison. According to his wife, Adedini had plans at the time to open an orphanage there.

Trump should read more. Abedini’s wife praised President Obama after news of his release. She did not praise Trump for her husband’s return home.

She spoke in detail about how much President Obama privately assured her that he’s doing everything possible to secure Abedini’s release, and he made sure the State Department was “continually updating us” on the negotiations throughout the ordeal.

That’s right, a Christian pastor’s wife praised President Barack Obama for his efforts in securing her husband’s release. None of the prisoners have praised the real estate mogul for their freedom from Iran. Shocker, huh?

Secretary of State Kerry and his Iranian counterpart Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif worked together diplomatically, a thing which Trump is not capable of doing.

This deal had been worked on for months and it paid off. The billionaire candidate never misses an opportunity to ridicule others while taking credit for something that has nothing to do with him, because in his mind, he’ll be the ‘greatest’ President ever while bombing other countries.

In the near future, we expect Republicans to take credit for Obamacare, too. It’s working and without their assistance and despite their obstruction. And that’s exactly what happened with the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.