MUST SEE: Video Proof That Donald Trump Is A Phony, A Liar, A Flip-Flopper, And An Idiot!


Donald Trump may be the candidate of the misinformed and feeble-minded, but his popularity is undeniable. Regardless of how many horrible things he says and does in his campaign, and in his private life, the idiots of America still flock to him like sheep to the anti-Christ.

While all his actions and words separated by days, months, and years is still pretty appalling to people with normally functioning brains, apparently we have to mash them all up together to get the point across that this guy is an entertainer and his presidential campaign is nothing but a gig. Some people have even ventured to guess that his history with Hillary Clinton drove him to run for President in 2016 in order to ensure a Democrat gets to the White House. One World Voice has put together this video to educate the dummies who don’t want to educate themselves.

I personally just think the guy likes seeing himself on TV. Nothing he says embarrasses him, He was never taught tact or humility. He is an ass, and not the kind of ass that grows on you, either. He is the kind of ass that people from all over the world tune in to see what he will say and do next.

Below is the last video you will ever need to see before not voting Trump in 2016. In the video, Trump flip-flops on just about every one of his talking points. He praises Hillary and her work over and over again. He is even quoted in the video as saying:

‘Everything’s a lie, it’s all a big lie.’

He can’t decide whether or not he’s a Republican or a Democrat, but says repeatedly that he relates more with Democrats. He says that we HAVE to get out of Iraq, but that Obama’s biggest mistake was getting out of Iraq. He says that China makes it impossible for American companies to compete, then says that he make soo much money off of China.

The guy just literally says anything that comes into his little peanut-sized cerebrum because he knows that the people who like him have equally tiny thinking organs. He banks on uneducated rednecks who are too stupid to realize they are being used as a tool for this guys who cares NOTHING about them. Run, Forrest, Run!

Video courtesy of YouTube:

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