WATCH: Hillary Gets OWNED By A Navy SEAL, ‘You Are An Ignorant LIAR’ (Video)


Seems like an awful lot of people are pissed off at Hillary Clinton lately, and I wish I could say it puzzled me. However, the once very likable candidate has begun to turn into this unrecognizable entity, completely separate from her nationally beloved husband. Her enemies include the likes of combat veterans, and so it’s no wonder she’s pissed off someone like Dom Rasso.

I used to believe that Hillary WAS the future of this once great nation. I believed that with a last name like Clinton, she would be trustworthy and unbeatable. And while she may still benefit very much from being married to Bill Clinton, all the little facts coming to light about her are adding up to a big red flag for voters.

One voter in particular, also a veteran Navy SEAL, has some very strong words for Hillary Clinton, and it’s pretty safe to say that he didn’t hold back from saying exactly what was on his mind. He is PISSED about Hillary’s lies and sickened by her bravado. Rasso is a commentator for NRA news, and he wants to make sure you know the truth about Hillary.

The perspective of our veterans and troops is a very important one, and one you usually don’t hear unless you personally know one of them. These voices deserve to be heard above all others. They give their lives for the greater good of America. You may not agree with Rasso’s NRA affiliation, (I certainly don’t agree with it) but his words are valid, and he has every right to be angry with Hillary.

To watch this epic rant of monstrous proportions, click on the video below.

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