WATCH: Marco Rubio Says He Bought A Gun On Christmas To Protect His Family From ISIS


Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio said on Face the Nation Sunday morning that he considers the right to bear arms important because a gun is the “last line of defense” that Americans have against ISIS. In fact, Rubio explained that that is why he bought a firearm on the eve of Baby Jesus’ birthday.

John Dickerson mentioned Rubio purchasing the gun on Christmas, and asked him why.

Rubio responded, saying, “I have a right to protect my family” and said that this firearm was “an additional one.”

Rubio said that as a “supporter of the Second Amendment,” he has a “right to protect my family if someone were to come after us.”

And that’s when Rubio spoke of the Islamic State.

“In fact, if ISIS were to visit us or our communities at any moment, the last line of defense between ISIS and my family is the ability I have to protect my family from them or from a criminal or anyone else that seeks to do us harm. Millions of Americans feel that way,” he declared.

Rubio has been delivering paranoid rants after President Obama’s announcement concerning executive action on guns.

“Because, if God forbid ISIS pays a visit to you, to our community, the last thing standing between them and our families may be the ability to protect ourselves with our guns,” he told the crowd in Iowa. “And there’s no way we’re going to take that away from the American people, not when I’m president.”


Rubio is of the notion that Obama is on a gun-grabbing mission when he addressed gun violence in America.

“Let me tell you what he’s trying to do. He is trying to keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens by continuing to put new restrictions on our gun rights,” Rubio told George Stephanopoulos this week.

“Let me give you an example … none of the attacks that he is talking about, none of these horrible, horrifying tragedies that have occurred that he cites as the rationale for these measures that he’s taking, not a single one of them would have been prevented by anything he’s proposing,” Rubio added.

Rubio went as far in the recent GOP debate to claim that Obama would “confiscate every gun” if he could.

Perhaps Rubio shouldn’t have a firearm considering his delusional state of mind. We’re picturing Rubio shootin’ at the bushes just in case ISIS is hiding behind the leaves. You never know when ISIL is gonna pounce right out of the bushes. 

Image: Screengrab.