WATCH: Tea Party Turns On Donald Trump, Boos Him At Event


Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump doesn’t take criticism well, because feelings. And now Trump knows what it’s like to be besieged by angry tea partiers after activists booed the hotel magnate when he attacked rival Ted Cruz for his failure to disclose certain bank loans during his 2012 Senate bid.

Slowly they turn, step-by-step, on each other.

“You give a campaign contribution to Ted Cruz, you get whatever the hell you want,” Trump said of Cruz at the Tea Party gathering in South Carolina “And he’s a very nice guy but you have to get — right?”

At that point, the booing from Conservatives began, to which Trump responded, “Excuse me, excuse me. He didn’t report his bank loans. Say whatever you want.” “He didn’t report his bank loans. He’s got bank loans from Goldman Sachs. He’s got bank loans from Citigroup. And then, and then, he acts like Robin Hood. Say whatever you want but it doesn’t work that way,” he added.

Watch, uploaded by Groospeak:

Groopspeak reports:

Instead of booting a protester from his rally, he booted himself by ending early – because he couldn’t handle the audience disagreeing with his attacks on Sen. Cruz and booing him.

It’s entertaining to watch Conservatives fight over defending Ted Cruz who just hours before the most recent GOP debate, was revealed to have “forgotten” to file paperwork disclosing a $500,000 loan from Goldman Sachs, his wife’s employer, that was used to partially fund his 2012 Senate campaign.

24 hours later, a second loan for $500,000 loan from Citibank, was also revealed to have been ‘forgotten’ about by Ted Cruz. Trump, too, has had his share of financial problems which he has yet to discuss honestly, including filing for bankruptcy four times. That’s totally understandable because I found 5 bucks in a handbag of mine last week which I had ‘forgotten’ about.

Trump did not have the dissenters removed from the venue, like he has at most of his rallies which are more like free-for-alls in a Gladiator fight to the death. But since he has the white supremacist vote down pat, he couldn’t possibly remove them from the facility. That might lessen his chances of securing the GOP nomination.

Trump is busy on his Twitter account blasting Cruz on everything from his failure to disclose the loans to his Canadian birthplace to gay marriage.

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