WATCH: What’s Inside Obama’s Pockets Shock Conservatives


On Friday, President Obama conducted his annual interview with YouTube.  The interview is a chance for famous YouTubers to ask Obama the most pressing questions they’ve compiled in conjunction with their viewers.

During the interview, President Obama revealed to the world what he carries in his pockets.  Although you might be thinking this isn’t particularly interesting, you may be quite surprised, because President Obama is anything but an ordinary person.

“I stick these in my pocket to remind me of all the people I’ve met along the way and the stories they’ve told me. So, this is what I had in my pocket today: this is rosary beads Pope Francis gave me that obviously means a lot to me cause I so admire him and it makes me think about peace and promoting understanding and ethical behavior. This is a little Buddha that a Buddhist monk gave me. This is a lucky poker chip that’s metal that this biker gave me. This is a Hindu statuette of the monkey God Hanuman that a woman gave me. And, I’ve got a coptic cross; this is from Ethiopia. So, I’ve got a whole bunch of this stuff but the reason I showed you these is because I carry them around all the time.”

Even though Obama’s pocket contents demonstrate otherwise, it didn’t deter religious extremists from calling him an Antichrist.

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Via Twitter
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Via Twitter

But let’s take a look at a past President in comparison.  In November of 2005, George Bush was asked by Latin American reporters at a roundtable what he carried around in his pockets.

But according to the Associated Press, Bush had nothing but a white handkerchief in his pockets.

“The president stood up, fished in his pockets, then dramatically pulled his hands out holding nothing but a white handkerchief that he waved playfully in the air. He said: ‘Es todo. That’s it. No dinero. No money. No mas. Nothing else. No wallet.’”

Quite different from President Obama! Clearly what’s in a President’s pockets gives a little insight into the types of people who are running our country.

But among the more light-hearted questions, Obama also touched on racial profiling and his experiences of such in his younger years.

The YouTube interview is clearly an important venue for discussing issues pertaining to the American people, especially in reaching younger voters.

You can watch the full interview here.

Feature Image via Pete Souza on Flickr.