AMAZING: You Will Never Believe What Cher Just Did For The People Of Flint, Michigan


The people of Flint, Michigan are stuck basically stuck and waiting for the federal government or the state of Michigan to help them. Thousands have been affected by tainted water, most of them being children. Brain damage has been reported in thousands of children due to deadly lead exposure from water that the townspeople had originally been told was safe to drink.

People around the country have heard of the problem in Flint, but the atrocity isn’t getting nearly as much network time as it should. These people were poisoned by their own governor, and it’s up to big names like Cher to get the word out there and start the process of bringing relief to the people of Flint.

Cher has been very vocal about the issue in Flint since the first headlines hit the (so-called) presses, and her approach is very “I don’t give a F*CK.” In a tweet earlier this month, Cher called for execution by firing squad for Governor Snyder, who allowed the tainted water in order to save the equivalent of $100 a month.

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After realizing that Governor Snyder was going to do little more than issue an apology for ruining the lives of thousands of people, Cher decided it was time she takes action. Today, 181,440 water bottles are being delivered to the 100,000 people in Flint who have not had clean water to drink in over a year, and while there are not even enough bottles being delivered to provide each person with two bottles of water, Cher is hoping that this is just the beginning of the charitable outreach from citizens.

Bottled water company, Icelandic Glacial, released this press release regarding Cher’s donation:

‘After reading about the catastrophic situation in Flint, a city of 100,000 people who have not had clean water in over a year, Cher contacted her friend Brad Horwitz, an investor in Icelandic Glacial, who reached out to the company’s Chairman and Co-Founder, Jon Olafsson, about Cher’s desire to purchase water for Flint’s residents. Icelandic Glacial committed to doubling Cher’s purchase which is being trucked in to Michigan beginning Monday, January 18th.
The water will reach The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan ( beginning Wednesday, January 20th. FBEM will immediately begin the distribution process to those who need it most for drinking, cooking and washing. The water will go directly to community centers, food banks and fire houses focusing in on low income housing areas where 40% of Flint’s population is living below the poverty line. The bottles, once finished, will return to the food banks and will be recycled with money raised going right back into the food banks.’

Cher knows that her donation isn’t going to fix the wrong-doings of Snyder the snake, but she hopes it will provide even the slightest bit of comfort and reassurance that the country IS watching and wants to help. Cher said this about what’s happening in Flint:

‘This a tragedy of staggering proportion and shocking that it’s happening in the middle of our country. I am so grateful that Icelandic Glacial has come on-board to help the city of Flint.  I cannot wait for the water to get there to help these people who have been poisoned because the water they’ve been getting out of their taps has been polluted for so long and remains that way without the state or the federal government stepping in with any substantial plan to resolve this problem.’

Featured Image Via Michigan Live