FINALLY: Ann Coulter Accidentally Told Americans How They Can End Her Career!


In case you weren’t aware of just how delusional Ann Coulter is (like on the regular) it’s a good thing she still hasn’t decided to shut that fly trap that somehow makes her a ton of money. The ass-clown has somehow maintained her crazy throughout the years, not really ever showing aggression, just plain ol’ stupidity. While I admit I have waited many years to see Coulter fly off the handle, she tends to act as if she really doesn’t care how things go either way.

Regardless of what party is in the oval office, she is going to run that mouth of hers about things completely nonsensical to people not living in the South. With her usual overly dramatic rhetoric, Coulter recently took a slightly more apocalyptic approach. While being interviewed on the “The Eric Metaxas Show” Coulter almost lost her sh*t over the possibility of Donald Trump NOT being elected President.

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According to Ann, if Donald Trump loses the 2016 election, it will literally be the end of times. First, it begins with the fall of America at the hands of liberals. Then, without the stability that America provides, the rest of the world falls too. Coulter goes on-and-on about how this is the last Christian nation, and even goes as far as to compare herself to Jesus Christ:

‘Yeah, I’m ‘divisive’ because I say things I believe, generally. So does Jesus.’

Eww. I’m sorry, but I find that highly disrespectful…as an Atheist.

Coulter continues:

‘We are talking about the future of not only of America but of the last genuinely Christian country on earth and thus the world. If we lose America, it is lights out for the entire world for a thousand years.

It is like the fall of Rome but, thank God, and I am not using the Lord’s name in vain, I mean that absolutely literally, thank God for raising up Donald Trump and giving us a chance to save the country.

Unless Donald Trump is elected, we’re never going to have another Republican president.’

It is really hard to take the woman seriously, even when she is just being obnoxious, but this whole doomsday propaganda is frankly a bit old, and she’s a tad slow jumping on that tea-bagger bandwagon. Like hello, Ann, that was so last year. Coulter continued:

‘What is the point of talking about abortion or anything else unless you get Donald Trump in to build the wall, deport illegals, end this ‘anchor baby’ nonsense, stop importing 100,000 Muslims a year, in addition to two million Third Worlders per year.’

Makes sense, I guess. I mean, what is the point of caring about aborted fetuses if Donald Trump doesn’t make it into the White House? What is the point of anything at all? So what Ann is really saying here is that the only way to knock her and the GOP down forever is to vote for anyone other than Trump. DONE! That’s all we had to do all this time? Sounds like a pretty awesome win-win. Thanks, Ann!