INSPIRING: Muslims Donate 30,000 Bottles Of Water To Victims Of Michigan Poisoning (Video)


Since Republican governor of Michigan Rick Snyder is poisoning Flint drinking water and 100,000 people, they are desperate for clean water. Yet, the gift of 30,000 bottles of water came from a surprising group of people.

Imagine how it must feel to know that every glass of water, every bottle of infant formula, and every glass of orange juice you gave your child worked to give her irreversible brain damage.

Experts have classified the water in Flint as “toxic waste.” Yet, the governor sat idly by for nearly two years and only acted after extreme pressure from people throughout the country, including actors and the press.

The harm began when one of the governor’s lackey’s took over the city and switched the water source from Lake Huron to Flint River. The river water is corrosive and shredded lead pipes leading to people’s homes, making the water poisonous. Why did they move the water? The guy wanted to save $100 a day. Wow.

I don’t like to go camping, because it means limited access to water supplies for bathing, washing hands, and cooking. I cannot fathom what it must be like to live that way for years. The people of Flint know.

As news about this horrific act spread across the country, Americans rallied to send clean water to the people of Flint. Yet, the good neighbors of Dearborn, Michigan came through in a huge way. The Muslim community in Dearborn collected over 30,000 bottles of water to contribute to the Red Cross through their organization called “Who is Hussain?

Dr. Aziza Askari organized the event:

‘We saw what needed to be done and we decided to do it. We reached out to schools, neighbors, friends, mosques, anyone and everyone to help us by donating a case of water or money towards a case.’

Dearborn resident Mohammed Almawla talked about why they did this wonderfully generous act, in spite of the Republican haze of resentment against all Muslims that only breeds hostility:

Prophet Mohammed (عليه السلام) taught us ‘Your neighbor comes before your own household.’ As a resident of Detroit this is not only a Flint problem this is a Michigan problem and I feel obligated to help to the best of my ability.’

You mean, all Muslims aren’t members of ISIS? To hear the Republicans spew their hatred against them, you certainly would never know. The Prophet Mohammed is the founder of the Islamic religion. Muslims are people who follow that religion.

This London-based group, “Who is Hussain?” does indeed have an unusual name. Actually, the name refers to the story of Imam Hussain ibn Ali, who was a grandson of the Prophet.

He exiled himself to the desert, rather than give allegiance to a cruel tyrant, and there he died of thirst and starvation. It was a statement against the tyrant depriving citizens of their rights and freedoms.

“Who Is Hussain?” members are living their religion, and distributing the water to their neighbors in dire need. This is a perfect way to honor Hussain. If Snyder is living his religion, I don’t want to go anywhere near his church, and I’m putting on my cross right now.

The true Islamic religion has values that seem to escape the television cameras. Instead, we get hours upon hours of Donald Trump rallies. What a terrible shame. I would much rather see good neighbors bringing water to those who thirst.

I am inspired that American Muslims would see the suffering of their neighbors and come to their aid, while the Republican governor Snyder knowingly poisoned an entire city. After the Paris attack, Snyder even closed his state borders to Syrian refugees.

We can look at the Muslims to see what charity is all about. These good neighbors acted out of compassion to protect the Flint community against the tyrant Snyder, who also deprived citizens of their rights and freedoms, the right to clean water.

Watch Flint resident and producer of documentaries, Michael Moore, challenge President Obama to come to Flint:

Featured Image : Courtesy of Mohammed Almawla


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