MUST SEE: Fact Checkers Reviewed The Democratic Debate And Here Are The Results


In what should come as a sigh of relief to all Americans who are tired of political campaigns being run mostly on outright lies, fact checkers of last night’s final Democratic Debate found that nearly all of the major claims made by the candidates were actually true.

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Brief faces of truth in an election littered with liars

Yes, you read that right. Last night, millions of Americans tuned in to watch politicians tell the truth for two hours straight. Take a deep breath and let it out, dear readers. The world isn’t as horrible as it seems. Honesty in American politics does, in fact, exist, and this year its color is blue.

The debate has garnered a lot of praise this morning, not only for how it clearly differentiated itself from Tuesday night’s hootenanny of falsehood, but for the passion and vigor through which all candidates performed and gave voice to some of the nation’s most pressing issues.

Hillary Clinton’s scorecard was indeed very impressive last night, despite growing criticism being mounted against her from the left and the right alike for some of her stances and campaign tactics. Even though many of the criticisms are arguably warranted and just as of late, it is still hard to deny that she made a number of fantastic statements on key issues currently at work in our nation with admirable authority.

Among the statements that Clinton scored well on was her claim that, despite the 23 million Americans who currently suffer from a drug addiction of some kind, only 10 percent end up receiving treatment. This claim was rated as “mostly true”. Another one of her stronger statements included her claim that 90 Americans are killed every day from gun violence, which was also rated “mostly true”.

The star of the show, however, according to pundits and social media following the debate, was not the former madame secretary and longtime Democratic primary frontrunner. Those honors instead went to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who is currently surging in the polls in Iowa, a crucial primary state that could potentially swing the momentum in the favor of either candidate, were they to win the upcoming caucus on February 1st.

The Senator’s fact-checking scorecard was, of course, on par with Clinton’s. One of his most impressive statements came from the sobering truth-bomb that he laid concerning how the US pays, on average, “three times per capita what they pay in the U.K.” on healthcare, despite the fact that the British have a single-payer universal healthcare system with the National Health Service (NHS). A second statement that the US spends “50 percent more than what they pay in France” was also given a “true” rating.

Regardless of who you stand with though, we can all agree that last night was a welcome relief from the bloviating and truth-bending on display Tuesday night. At the very least, all three of the candidates actually talked about Climate Change as if it’s very existence wasn’t up for debate.