WATCH Fox Hosts Ask MLK Jr.’s Niece, How Would Dr. King Feel About The ‘War On Police?’


If you ever wonder just how utterly clueless and out of touch the idiots over at Fox News can be on any given day, this morning’s edition of “Fox and Friends” pretty much proved that Fox will never ever understand a thing about the real problems facing this country.

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Screenshot Via Fox News

Fox News host Steve Doocy, who is about as bright as a two-watt bulb, was talking to Aveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who is rightly celebrated on this national holiday for his contributions to civil rights for all in the United States. But Doocy felt the need to frame his question to Ms. King in this way:

Today is, of course a big holiday all across the country,” Fox News host Steve Doocy told MLK’s niece, Aveda King. “You look at Black Lives Matter, you look at the war on police and even the political tone in the nation. What would your uncle think about what’s going on in his America today?

That’s your question? Fortunately for Doocy, King is also a conservative, and she replied:

Put some solutions on the table, teaching people to use their words, rather than bombs or guns or fists. And use their words to heal rather than destroy.

And does that include the police officers who have used their guns and fists to abuse and murder innocent people of color across this country? Or does that only apply to cops? How many officers were killed in 2015? According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, that number is 129. Now, how many civilians were killed by police during that same timeframe? 1,204. Hmm. Looks like ten times as many deaths at the hands of cops versus cops dead by civilians. War on cops? Please. Don’t insult my intelligence!

Following the interview with Ms. King, Doocy then went into another segment in which he again repeated the line about a “war on police,”  referrring to:

A day of violence against police officers.

Which led his co-host, Anna Kooiman to chime in with this deeply flawed analogy:

All this as we are supposed to be remembering the peaceful message of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Yeah, and that peace cuts both ways, Anna and Steve. But you’re far too blinded by your own bias to ever realize or admit that.

Here’s the “Fox and Friends” segment from earlier this morning: