WATCH: Hilarious, Rachel Maddow Teaches The GOP A Lesson On Reagan And Iran They Won’t Forget (Video)


Just so you know, I love Rachel Maddow. No I’ve never met her, but every night I set my TV to her show. What I like about her is that she is direct and asks the questions that most won’t dare touch. Now, Maddow is giving the Republicans a shaking for attacking our President Barak Obama over Iran.

Republicans have been on Obama’s case about everything, so how can he win? I can’t tell if they are just too ignorant to realize how deftly the administration manipulated one of the wiliest countries in the world, or if they are just jealous.

No, the conservatives want to bomb Iran out of existence and keep all the financial assets we froze. I don’t even think that they understand, we are just giving back Iran its own money. We are not handing the Iranians a bundle of our money, so they can run out and buy nukes from North Korea.

The Republicans were ripping the president up and down for not freeing Iran’s hostages while Negotiating the nuclear take-down. Then, when Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry actually did manage to free those hostages days later, the administration did it the wrong way!

Given any excuse, including the straying sailors caught off Iran’s shore, the GOP wants to “bomb Iran to hell.” Cute.

The Republican response? How dare the president allow the sailors be filmed with their hands on their heads? Iran is filled with a bunch of lying Muslims, who can’t be trusted, according to the GOP.

Rachel found the idea more than a little amusing, so she decided to educate them about their shining star, the former actor and Democrat Ronald Regan. The old cowboy not only bungled the release of hostages, he gave Iran a slew of weapons, which they willingly accepted. It was a nightmare.

His whole security staff was indicted for how they botched the diplomacy.

Watch Maddow educate the Republicans on Ronnie and Iran below:

Featured Image is a screen shot from the video.