Donald Trump Has Been Scolded By The Media More Than Any Other Candidate In History (IMAGES)


Thank you, “NY Daily News!” A picture is worth a thousand giggles. The latest cover shows newly-inducted Sarah Palin on the “Trump Stump,” as she puts it. The caption is, “I’M WITH STUPID.” The sound of Palin’s voice and rambling speech is so corrosive, I have to change the channel, literally. Palin and Trump make “I’m With Birdbrains” reach new lows.


'I'M WITH STUPID!' NY Daily News
‘NY Daily News,’ ‘I’M WITH STUPID!’ Image courtesy of ‘NY Daily News.’

The “NY Daily News” covers haven’t been gentle with Trump, but on the other hand, he isn’t exactly a gentle guy. When Trump wanted to ban all Muslims from seeking refuge in the US, we saw him on the “NY Daily News” cover, beheading the Statue Of Liberty with a wicked-looking sword.

Wild Trump On NY Daily News Cover
NY Daily News Features Wild Trump. Image Courtesy of NY Daily News.

Then, there was “THE NEW FUROR” play on words with a heil-Hitler-saluting Trump cover. Just FYI, the word for leader in German is “Fuher.” Although, to be fair, Trump is not a Nazi. No, he is more of a Fascist.

Oh yes, let’s not forget the cover with Trump in his military school uniform, the place for unruly teens. The caption here is “GI JOKE,” because Trump thinks that makes him a veteran.

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Featured Image: Palin And Trump.