WATCH: Bundy Terrorist Group Crashes Town Hall Then IMMEDIATELY Regrets Doing It (VIDEO)


Everybody’s favorite armed occupation in Harney County, Oregon just got a taste of how the local community really feels about what they’re doing. Unfortunately for the Bundy clan though, commonly referred to as “Y’all Qaeda”, the county residents aren’t very happy about any of it.

Last week, county judge Steve Grasty claimed that the occupation was costing local taxpayers $60,000-$70,000 each day since it began. Rather than place this burden on the taxpayers though, the judge fully intends to have the occupiers foot the bill themselves, since they’re the ones leaving the place in such a mess┬áto begin with.

Of course, the Bundy clan and the rest of the occupiers were not very happy when they found out they had to take responsibility for what they’re doing like adults, considering that they’ve been otherwise resisting the federal government and destroying their property on the taxpayers dime, so they instead made a demand that Judge Steve Grasty be charged and tried with treason.

Well it turns out that Judge Grasty could give zero f*cks about what the armed occupiers want to happen to him. In the video below, Grasty confronts the self-described “militia” and gives them a taste of the truth at a local county meeting:

Grasty, in the video above, steps up right in front of Ammon Bundy, microphone in hand, and tells the so-called “anti-government patriot” that he’d “be happy to meet him any place outside of my county”. In other words, he told them to pack up or shut up.

Many of the other county residents, regardless of whether or not they agree with the views of the occupiers, basically echoed the same sentiment throughout the meeting. They want them out of the county, and out of their lives.

The meeting took place at the Burns High School gymnasium, with the occupying militia taking seats on the bleachers while the residents blasted them for what they were doing to the community. The Oregonian reported that one of the women at the meeting, visibly infuriated, lambasted the occupiers for the fear they had caused the students at the local public schools, such as the one they were meeting in. Shouting across the gym, she demanded that they leave and “go to jail where you deserve to be”. She was clearly not alone.