Donna Brazile Shredding Palin: Blaming Obama For Son’s Assault, ‘A Damn Lie’


Sarah Palin blaming President Barak Obama for her son Track Palin beating his girlfriend is like blaming him for her poor sex life. Donna Brazile, longtime CNN political commentator,  decided to begin shredding the former half-term governor when Palin tried to place the blame for her son’s domestic violence arrest on our president.

Brazile Shredding Palin

Donna Brazile is typically a self-composed, graceful news analyst, but in the face of Palin’s guilt-shifting tirade, she had some pretty strong words. That made her comment to CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper all the more persuasive:

‘You have known me for a long time, so I’m just gonna say it: she’s a liar. That’s a damn lie.’

What Happened?

What went on with son, Track Palin? Just one day prior to his mother flashing into the Trump campaign, he lost it. The Wasila, Alaska police arrested Track on Monday after his violent drunken rage. He punched his girlfriend in the head, all the while waving a gun around. Then he threatened to kill himself.

Officials charged Palin’s son with assault and possession of a firearm while intoxicated.

How did the former vice president candidate manage to link her son’s irresponsible actions to the president? She said that her son’s military tour “hardened” him, and Track just didn’t know if he was even respected.

Excuse me? That is the worst excuse I’ve ever heard. Hardened soldiers like my dad do not get drunk and beat up women, and who cares whether or not others respect them? There is such a thing as pride in a job well done, and that far surpasses any perceived disrespect.

Brazile gave Palin the response that I have been wanting to hand her for years. The commentator pointed out that heels-dug-in Republicans have thwarted Obama at every turn, and that includes funding for veterans. The House cut more than $1.6 billion in funding just to spite him.

Brazile continued her retort against the wayward governor, shredding her in a few words:

‘I care for all veterans — I am the daughter of a veteran. And to go out there and to insinuate that the president of the United States is trying to hurt veterans when in fact he is trying to put more resources so that we can give our young and old veterans the care we need, that’s just a damn lie. You can say Donna Brazile said it. I approve this message.’

Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord jumped into the conversation. Bad idea. He tried to argue that Sarah was highlighting the VA’s troubles. No she wasn’t, not even close. The self-described bear-mom simply tried to make political fodder for her Trump, while side-stepping her own poor parenting skills.

Lord said:

‘Of course [Track Palin] should be held responsible for his own personal behavior. But we have been told time and time and time again that there is a serious problem within the VA treating veterans. And I think that’s the point she’s trying to make.’

Brazile came back with a beautiful rejoinder:

‘Drink the water, Jeff. Drink the water.’

Watch Brazile in action here:

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