Here Are 3 Things We Can Learn From The Televised Meltdowns Of Carly Fiorina (VIDEO)


Carly Fiorina seems to be known for two main things: her poor performance as CEO of Hewlett-Packard and her frequent televised freak outs. Fiorina often throws some kind of tantrum when interviews don’t go her way. Her behavior tells voters a lot about her as a person and presidential candidate, including the three things listed below.

 She Resorts to Petty Attacks 
During the most recent Republican debate, when asked a question regarding President Obama’s description of the United States economy, instead of actually answering the question, Carly Fiorina chose to take an opportunity to make snide remarks about Hillary Clinton’s marriage. Fiorina let everyone know that she “actually enjoys spending time with [her] husband.” Later, when asked to comment, Fiorina resorted to the vague response: “They’ve been married a long time.” Rather than elaborating, as she was asked, she chose to simply repeat her previous words. Not only does this show a lack of maturity asked to take responsibility for her words, her initial response to an important question was to attack another woman’s marriage. While Fiorina is certainly not the only petty politician out there, she reinforces the fact that pettiness is unbecoming to everyone.
See for yourself in this video, courtesy of AmazingThingsEver via YouTube.
She is Incapable of Admitting Fault
When questioned in an interview with George Stephanopolous regarding allegations that she has seen images of Planned Parenthood workers aborting fully formed babies in order to harvest body parts (seriously), Carly Fiorina refuses to admit that she may have misspoken. An inability to admit, or even entertain the notion of, fault, while understandable and not unique to Fiorina, is an important trait in any leader. When Fox News correspondents like Chris Wallace point out in the video below that the images to which Fiorina refers have been seen by no one but her, she still sticks to her same story, that “[she’s] seen footage. And [she] find[s] it amazing actually that all these supposed fact-checkers in the mainstream media claim this doesn’t exist.”
Video courtesy of Fox News via YouTube:

She Seems to Have Never Progressed Beyond Adolescence
Fiorina’s sarcasm makes her seem like a petulant teenager, and petulant teenagers usually do not make good leaders. One example of Fiorina’s childishness is her conversation with CNN’s Chris Cuomo regarding her Planned Parenthood allegations. Rather than adding anything new to the discussion when questioned about her feelings regarding her attacks in conjunction with the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting, Fiorina instead decides to begin her defense with a well-worded, “Oh, please.” Again, with nothing substantial to add, she follows up with a snarky repetition of Cuomo’s suggestion that they “be careful of what [they’re] saying,” as you can see below, thanks to CNN via YouTube.
 In summary, let’s all beware Carly Fiorina’s inability to address hard questions with anything but pettiness, an inability to admit fault, and her state of arrested development. Fiorina is, of course, not the only politician — if we can call her that — to exhibit these behaviors, but voters should be trying to break the pattern, rather than perpetuate it.
Featured image via Gage Skidmore