Millionaire Palin And Billionaire Trump Beg Gullible Fans To Foot Her Travel Expenses


Gullible conservatives have long been pulling out their checkbooks after Sarah Palin guilts them into supporting her. Donald Trump, the guy with the gold-gilded everything may not be the generous guy that he portrays himself as. Actually, he’s notoriously uncharitable. Who knew?

So, get this, the HUGELY rich billionaire will not cover our favorite half-term governor’s travel expenses. I don’t know why, but this strikes me as highly amusing. I have noticed over the years that, generally speaking, the wealthier the person, the tighter they are. If that is how they accumulated their bags of gold, I would rather not have the mega bucks.

Still, Trump hitting Palin up for her plane tickets is weird. It isn’t as if she is living in poverty, and Palin’s guilt trips to her supporters have filled her coffers. After all, she owns a $2.5 million Arizona mansion, that she recently put on the market. Then, there is her FOX gig, which hauled her in a rousing $12 million, and let’s not forget her book deals.

Palin has a Political Action Committee (SarahPAC), which is strange, given that she has not run for office since she was Senator John McCain’s vice-president-in-waiting. That was eight years ago!

Supposedly, Palin needs the money, so that she can travel to Tulsa, Oklahoma. for “political events to support endorsed candidates,” like Trump. Politico reporter Ken Vogel discovered a fundraising email sent to Palin’s fans. It instructs them to visit the PAC’s website and “[contribute] what you can” because Palin “went all in for Donald Trump.”

This is the email Vogel captured:

Political watchdog Open Secrets told us about Palin’s con in 2014:

‘What did SarahPAC spend most of its money on, then, in the third quarter? Many of the same consultants she has used all along — for speechwriting, fundraising, logistics and research. There’s even someone paid to consult on “coalitions.”

‘Travel, presumably for Palin, is part of the equation; a PAC like this is useful for keeping a high profile nationally without having to pay those pesky airline and hotel tabs out of personal funds.’

I’m particularly fond of the $3,854 SarahPAC paid to a New York–based limousine company on Feb. 19, when Palin sat in the audience at “Saturday Night Live’s” 40th anniversary special, right next to musician Taylor Swift.

Okay, she steals legally, but it is still unethical. Palin has a PAC that serves as her personal bank account. The money from gullible conservatives finances her million-dollar lifestyle of renting SUV’s, buying her books in bulk to make them look more profitable than they really are, and now she is traveling in the Donald Trump airborne zoo.

Maybe, the rambling thistle from Alaska could spend some of her own money to provide her son with some psychiatric care for his alleged PTSD. After all, he went on a drunken rampage, beating up his girlfriend, swinging a gun around, and threatening to kill himself.

Strange that Palin would choose to show up in full glitter on the Trump stage the very next day. I think her son might have needed her more than The Donald, but that’s just me.

Quite the “fiscal conservative,” isn’t she?


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