NEVADA GUN SHOW: Hidden Camera Proves He Can Buy A Gun In 5 Minutes With No ID!


A new video has surfaced that shows a typical looking White man able to buy a gun without an I.D., and within 5 minutes! It took no time at all for comedians Steve Hofstetter, Brent Mukai, and Collin Moulton to prove the point the recently went to a gun show in Henderson, NV. to prove: American gun control is ineffectual.

The comedians are already facing backlash from barrel-strokers, and have issued this statement:

‘For those saying how Brent and I will get arrested for making a straw purchase, you are not lawyers, and you are very wrong. We were careful to not actually follow through with the straw purchase — just to show that we could have. Brent legally owns (and has) the gun. He never bought it for me — we just made it look to the dealer like that was a possibility.’

Watch the video and see for yourself just how easy it is to get your hands on a legal gun with literally no means of identifying yourself. The men also attempt to rent a car, buy a house, and get a fishing license.

Video courtesy of Steve Hoffstetter via YouTube: