Trump Supporter Totally Loses His Sh*t: Muslims Follow Satan And Will Kill Us All! (VIDEO)


A college student was once again treated disrespectfully by a Donald Trump supporter. The last time Kiernan Majerus-Collins attended a Trump event, angry supporters of the GOP front-runner ripped up his ‘America Is Already Great’ sign as he sat there quietly before being escorted out of the facility.

On Monday, Majerus-Collins, went to a Trump rally at Concord High School wearing a shirt with Martin Luther King Jr. on the front and “I Have A Dream” written across the back, according to the Hartford Courant.

The student from Bates College in Maine, was videotaped while a Trump supporter screamed at him about Muslims.

“Let me tell you about my friends whose heads got cut off, their genitals got cut off, by Muslims who killed them!” the man yells. “You don’t know a f*cking thing! Pull your head out of your ass!”

“If you’re a Muslim, you follow Satan!,” he continues to yell at Majerus-Collins. “Wake up. You know what a moderate Muslim is? A moderate Muslim when somebody else chops somebody else’s head off and doesn’t do anything!”

Watch courtesy of Kiernan Majerus-Collins’ Facebook page:

Trump Supporters' Views on Islam

This is a video showing my interaction with some of Donald J. Trump's supporters in Concord, NH yesterday.

Posted by Kiernan Majerus-Collins on Monday, January 18, 2016



Neither the man in the suit or the student backed down.

“Most Muslims are good people,” Majerus-Collins said, pointing to Muslim-Americans who serve in the U.S. military.

After an older man tries to tell the student that the angry man is talking about ‘radicalized Muslims’, the man in the suit says that “300 million of them out there trying to kill people.”

“They’re killing everybody,” the man says.

Another woman weighs in saying she “just got back from Europe” and “they were stalking me and going after me.”

We’re totally sure she’s being stalked by 300 Muslims. It must be crowded in the bushes in front of her home. At any moment a Muslim is going to pounce!

This is Donald Trump’s America, inundated with paranoia and fear while being broadcast across Fox News’ airwaves.

Meanwhile, most nations containing a significant number of Muslims overwhelming hold negative views for ISIS.

Image: Screengrab.