WATCH: Conservative Convicted, Aim Was To Assassinate Obama-With A Slingshot? Yes! (Screenshots) (Video)


Conservatives don’t just dislike President Barak Obama, they hate him with a red-hot desire to see him gone. In Wisconsin, a man believed it was his “CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY” to take aim and kill our president.

Deadly serious thoughts about Obama aren’t as rare as you might think. People with high visibility are inciting the conservatives to violence. National Rifle Association (NRA) board member Ted Nugent called for the president and candidate Hillary Clinton to be hanged.

I thought Dennis Dutcher’s, 55, biggest problem was that he decided to use a slingshot to take out the leader of the free world. I was wrong. This foul idea was enough to get him convicted last week of two counts of threatening Barak Obama.

It didn’t take the jury long to convict Dutcher, just four hours. Five women and seven men convicted the slingshotter. He was, indeed, guilty of writing his intentions on Facebook about plans to assassinate President Obama during a visit to Tomah:

‘That’s it! Thursday I will be in La Crosse. Hopefully I will get a clear shot at the pretend president. It is our CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY to take action!’

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Dennis Dutcher Would-Be Assassin. Facebook.

As it turns out, a slingshot is no laughing matter. Jeffrey Ferris, Secret Service Special Agent, testified:

‘He said he was very accurate with a slingshot. His true intention was to circumvent security and figure out how to shoot [Obama] with a slingshot.’

The wild slingshotter revealed that he hunted animals, and a slingshot was perfectly capable of killing a man. Then he went off, talking about the David and Goliath story in the Bible. David used a slingshot to take down the giant Goliath.

But wait! If visions of Tom Sawyer come to mind when you think of a slingshot, better think again.

For over 100 years, officials have classified slingshots as weapons. Depending upon the ammunition, a slingshot really can kill a man. The Ukrainian anti-government protesters use both sophisticated and not-sophisticated slingshots in war.

Dutcher told the Secret Service that he was dead serious about using a slingshot to kill the “usurper.” He also chronicled his plan to kill the president on Facebook, even imagining that the Secret Service might “step out of the way long enough for someone” — Dutcher — “to take the shot” so the president could be “exucuted.”

Dutcher wrote on Facebook about his anti-government beliefs:

‘All members of the fed gov have targets on their foreheads. The upsurper is coming HERE. saving me a 800 mile trip.’

Officials detained the would-be assassin in a mental health facility overnight, where he threatened the staff and accused them of “helping the tyrant.”

Then officials moved him to Dane County Jail. Dutcher will be sentenced in March and faces up to five years in prison for each count.

If you want to see the power of a slingshot, watch here:

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