BOOM: Larry Wilmore Unloads On Sarah Palin In The Best Segment Of Nightly Show Ever


As most of the country has heard, Sarah Palin’s son was arrested for alleged accounts of domestic violence, including punching his girlfriend in the face and uttering threats with a AR-15 firearm.

Then, instead of owning up to the despicable behavior of her son, Sarah Palin took to the stage at a Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma to attack President Obama.

Wait, what?!  Palin blamed Obama for what she calls, “leaving our soldiers behind.”  Basically, instead of admitting to her son’s violence, she took the coward’s way out and blamed the President. You can watch her lame excuse here.

But Larry Wilmore from the “Nightly Show” raised a great question on Thursday night – why America didn’t leave Palin behind in 2008?  I’m sure most of the reasonable citizens of America are wondering the same damn thing right about now!

‘I make fun of Sarah Palin a lot, but PTSD is not joke,’ Wilmore said on the show.

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‘She’s blaming this on Obama? … Excuse me, but you can’t just crawl out of your frozen bullshit shack once every election cycle just so you can become nauseatingly relevant and spew recycled partisan crazy sauce all over everybody. And then use an issue as serious as PTSD let alone pimp out your own son and his problems. I mean, none of our soldiers deserve to have these problems become partisan issues. Also, you say Obama’s a horrible president, I say you’re a horrible human.’

Wilmore REALLY showed her. And I say, he’s entirely right.  We’ve all had enough of Sarah Palin’s crap. Frankly, it’s incredibly immature and downright disgusting to blame your son’s violent behavior on the President of the United States.  But at this point, who even really takes anything that comes out of the mouth of a Palin seriously anymore?

You can watch Wilmore’s comments here, via Salon: