Christian Bible Class Teacher Sexually Abuses Teen


Forty-five year old Donnie Ray Schultz volunteered at the Calvary Christian Church in Del City, Oklahoma. Despite having previous convictions of sexual abuse Schultz legally no longer had to register as a sex offender after 2013. The Pasteur didn’t consider Schultz’s previous convictions relevant because he only taught adults. However, it appears despite this Schultz exploited his position of authority to abuse a teenage girl for a prolonged period. The girl was fourteen years old when the abuse started and is now sixteen. During this two year period Schultz and the victim engaged in sexual intercourse 20-30 times and engaged in oral sex several times too. Schultz also made explicit images and videos with the victim. Police are investigating Schultz further for other potential victims.

Shockingly, despite a string of sexual assaults coming to light within the institution of the christian Catholic church, these assaults continue to happen. You have to question why more isn’t done to prevent these things happening? But also what about the religion facilitates some priests to molest alter boys? First off it has to be acknowledged that it isn’t the whole religion. However, religion often makes sex a taboo subject and the institutional celibacy of some priests could facilitate the secrecy and sexual perversion. More needs to be done for the church to deal with these difficult subjects and prevent such things happening again. Ultimately religion is meant to be a safe place of protection for all.

Schultz is clearly an ill man and will be punished. But maybe if there was a focus on prevention and helping people like him before they offend we could save young girls like the most recent victim. If there was a more open environment for discussion, maybe she could have came out about the abuse sooner. It is important that we as a society explore every possible avenue in the pursuit of protecting our children.