HILARIOUS: 3rd Grader ROASTS Trump, His Immigration Letter Obliterates!


Don’t you love it when a third-grader can roast Donald Trump? In words, printed with painful care, the boy’s pro-immigration letter takes on and takes down the GIGANTIC billionaire! Kids go right to the truth. I remember overhearing a six-year-old bragging to his little friend that his babysitter was as big as a linebacker. I don’t think the grandmotherly woman would have appreciated his candor, but it was true. She was a woman of size.

The little guy who took on Trump had no difficulty in his own “I Have A Dream” speech. He jumped on Trump’s case in a HUGE way. Clearly, Trump seems to relish going out of his way to insult Latinos, Muslims, women, and the tooth fairy. Okay, I lied about that last one, but when it comes to third-graders, that is an important minority. They make big bucks off of her.

This little boy reached right into the heart of the Trump rhetoric about deporting all undocumented immigrants, especially those whose skin color is different from his own.

The third-grade boy has long understood what Trump seems oblivious to saying: words matter, and words can hurt. England’s parliament spent delightful hours debating whether or not they would even allow the man into their country if he won the presidency.

The boy understands perfectly what a bully is and recognizes how to deal with one. You call out a bully, and certainly, Trump has no respect for those he can intimidate. This little guy stands up to him in what appears to be an English as a Second Language (ESL) course assignment.

His Ohio teacher posted the letter this child wrote about King Trump on Facebook, and now all the world can see it. What a sad state of affairs it is, when Republicans leave it to the smallest of all to call the bully out.

Here is the hard-hitting immigration letter in its original form. Then, look below for its translation into adult language, which is still true to his letter:

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3rd Grader Takes On Donald Trump – And Wins! Image: Facebook

‘I have a dream 2016!

I have a dream that Donald Trump will not be president. But if he does all Asians, Africans and Mexicans have to go back to their contry. Without them the U.S.A. population will go down to 12,0000 people only. Most enginners are Indian then their won’t be no tecnolegy! Without tecnolgy theirs no NETFLIX. Without netflix theirs no chill. Is that a world you what live in NO.’

This third-grader makes his point beautifully in his own immigration letter. What our most visible politicians say reflects upon us as a nation. It is wrong to condescend to minorities and far worse to throw them roughly out of our country. As this little guy is well aware, we are The United States of American, the nation of immigrants. That is who we are. That is our best future.

Let’s agree with this tiniest citizen. We do not want to live in a land where Donald Trump is president. That situation would be far worse than we can even imagine.

Say Kid, are you free for the next four years? If I had to choose between you and Trump, you would win. After all, you’re for engineers and Netflix!

Featured image: By Gage Skidmore via Flickr

H/T: Uproxx and Addictinginfo.org