Teen Protesters Thrown Out Of Trump Rally, Grateful They Weren’t Beaten–Others Not So Lucky


Teenagers from an assortment of local high schools were thrown out of a Donald Trump rally for protesting, Wednesday, at Oral Roberts University’s Mabee Center, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, grateful they weren’t beaten by Trump goons in the process. Others weren’t so lucky.

Over a dozen teens from Booker T. Washington, Bishop Kelley and Edison high schools summoned the courage to wade through a sea of angry, mob-oriented voters to make their statement mid-rally, pulling a sheet they’d tucked away, hidden in a shoe, reading, “TRUMP MAKES AMERICA HATE AGAIN.”

“We’ve really had the idea of freedom of speech drilled into our heads in school since a young age, so this was really an opportunity to apply these things to the real world, Booker T. Washington High School junior, Noah Miracle, said, adding that everyone present in his group feels strongly that one should stand up for one’s beliefs.

“It was important to remind Trump and his supporters that while different political ideologies are completely acceptable, hateful and divisive rhetoric is not,” he said.

Miracle also criticized Trump as “openly corrosive to civic life and American values.”

Fellow teen protester and one of the brains behind the action is Kieran King, currently a sophomore at Booker T. High School. King was not happy when he heard Trump was holding a rally in his own community and wanted to do something about it. His own sister had been thrown out of an earlier Trump rally, in Virginia, and King wanted to make his voice heard, as well.

“Our only course of action was to protest,” he said.

King even defied his parents’ orders to not attend the rally, as he would have to miss school to do so, but he did, proudly facing whatever punishment would come his way as a result. That’s how much he felt it was important to speak out against Trump.

“I didn’t feel like two weeks of being grounded and losing my car was worth not going with my group of supporters to go against someone or something that I believed in,” he said.

Every election you hear speculation as to how to get the youth to come out and vote, and here youth are defying parental orders and willingly taking on punishment just to speak out against Trump right to his face – that’s how bad his rhetoric has gotten and how bad a Trump presidency would be for the nation.

Adding to the “TRUMP MAKES AMERICA HATE AGAIN” banner, the teens also were all wearing T-shirts that said, “WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS.”

It didn’t take long, however, before Trump supporters stooped low enough to rip the banner from the teenagers’ hands and stomp on it as they were promptly led out of the building. Overall, however, King feels the protest was a success, considering both Trump and the media witnessed the incident. He also said, “We didn’t get beat up, so that was great.”

Others, however, as stated above, weren’t so lucky. Two men embracing, staging a silent protest, were assaulted at the very same rally. One man was even grabbed and put into a headlock from behind, then dragged out of the building.

Is this the “freedom of speech” and “democracy” we wish to teach our children?

On their way being lead out of the building by security, Miracle said one Trumpster pointed at a member of their group and spewed, “YOU CAN GO TO PRISON WITH HILLARY!” Trump supporters everywhere were seen wearing “Hillary for Prison 2016” swag.

Though not all of the teens knew each other, Miracle said the common cause between them made them all friends and family instantly.

“We all had one goal in mind, and that was to stand up for what we believe in and stand up to the awful sentiment the Trump campaign has been spreading,” he said.

Rather than turning toward that old, tired line of thinking that posits “even teenagers” are able to see how off-suit Donald Trump can be, the courage, tenacity, intelligence and willingness to get involved these teens have shown, even at the risk of their own safety and social lives, is proof positive that the youth of today, as always, are not just the leaders of tomorrow, but the leaders of right here and now, as well.

Kudos to these teens. They’re learning fast.

Featured image via YouTube video screen capture.