Instead of American Veterans In Trump Video It Shows Russian Military Vets (VIDEO)


Donald Trump’s campaign posted a video on Facebook Friday to show his love for American veterans but instead it shows men wearing Russian military ribbons. Apparently, the bromance between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the hotel magnate is ongoing.

ABC News reports:

The video was later deleted by the campaign and posted later in the day with the footage in question removed.

“The corruption in the Veteran’s Administration, the incompetence is beyond,” Trump says in the video as the stock footage appears. “We will stop that, we’re going to take care of our Wounded Warriors.”

In the video, men are seen proudly wearing the St. George Ribbon — a military symbol in Russia and once a high honor with the Soviets.

A flier in the video appears to be from Russia’s Victory Day parade last year.

Watch courtesy of ABC:

In July, Donald Trump tweeted and added an image of himself on Facebook, then quickly deleted it after it was discovered that there are tiny Nazi soldiers in the image along with the hashtag “MakeAmericaGreatAgain.” The Nazis are seen in the image marching across the White House lawn.

Earlier this month, another campaign video showed immigrants crossing a border as if immigrants were just pouring into America. However, that footage was actually from the border between Morocco and Spain.Two totally different locations in the world.

Trump defended it by, saying “it’s really merely a display of what a dumping ground is going to look like. And that’s what our country is becoming very rapidly.”

Yeah, right. It’s totally not that he’s a buffoon who is geographically challenged with no political experience in his resume. It’s absolutely not because he’s feigning love for our Veterans while he enjoyed multiple deferments in order to avoid serving. It can’t be that he wouldn’t recognize a decorated American Vet if he was sitting across from him.

Because he says ‘Make America Great Again’ that makes everything OK even though this country is already great.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.