Trump Throws Twitter Tantrum, Wants Megyn Kelly Out Of GOP Debate

Donald Trump never seems to tire of making a spectacle. Less than a week before the upcoming GOP debate hosted by Fox News, Trump sent out a tweet saying that he does not think commentator Megyn Kelly should be allowed to moderate the debate, reports Mediaite.
It has been known for a while that Kelly, along with Chris Wallace and Bret Baier, would be the debate moderator, yet Trump is just now making his feelings known. Either he wasn’t paying attention when the announcement was made, which is likely, or he has been for waiting for the right opportunity to make the biggest splash, which is equally likely.
In his tweet,  Trump specifies that Kelly should not be allowed to moderate because of her “conflict of interest and bias.” It can be assumed that Trump is upset because, recently, Kelly spoke on Fox News with several of the conservative writers behind the National Review’s anti-Trump manifesto. Trump may be too busy to cry, but this collaboration certainly seems to have gotten to him.
Kelly has also been known to ask somewhat difficult questions, something that we all know Trump does not appreciate. Kelly put Trump on the spot in the August debate to ask him about his multiple misogynistic remarks, and refused to back down when he tried to joke away the matter. Trump obviously did not take kindly to being challenged, and has spent plenty of time afterwards criticizing Kelly.
This is not the first time that Trump, along with other Republican candidates, has made demands regarding the format of the GOP debates. In Oct. 2015, Trump and Ben Carson threatened to boycott the debate if the length were not extended and the candidates were not given the time to deliver opening statements. This complaint is probably his most ridiculous to date, though, and certainly one of the most petty.
It is unlikely this late in the game that Kelly will actually be banned from moderating the debate. This is fortunate, since all debates, but especially this one, need moderators who are not afraid to question the candidates about legitimate issues and who will not back down when candidates try to joke away the question.
Regardless of who is moderating, though, viewers can almost guarantee that Donald Trump will find some way to work in jabs about Kelly’s so-called bias. In typical GOP debate fashion, one does not seem to need to be asked a question about a topic to start discussing it, so viewers can likely expect some anti-Megyn Kelly rhetoric in addition to Trump’s usual rants and raves.
This recent tweet is just one more of Trump’s tantrums, and it is time for them to stop. He has been treated like a spoiled child for much, if not all, of his campaign, making demands and threatening people until he gets his way. He needs to learn, like all adults are supposed to, that he is going to have to do some things he doesn’t want to do. Let’s hope Trump will get some extra-difficult questions during this upcoming debate. Maybe he will realize he should have spent less time tweeting and more time preparing.
Featured Image via Michael Vadon