WATCH: Bill Maher OBLITERATES Sarah Palin’s Integrity- She’s A ‘Morally Sloppy Person’ (VIDEO)


Sarah Palin is the American political equivalent to Kim Kardashian (which is probably a massive insult to Kim herself, and for that I’m sorry). But nonetheless, Palin’s proven recently that she is some kind of special level of stupid.  I didn’t even know they made people this idiotic.  This week, it may have even led you to question what she’s on.  Or as Seth MacFarlane says,

“The problem is she’s not on anything.”

billmaher WATCH: Bill Maher OBLITERATES Sarah Palin's Integrity- She's A 'Morally Sloppy Person' (VIDEO) Celebrities Television
Screengrab via YouTube

On one hand, while Sarah struts around harping about no pre-marital sex to all the conservatives of the nation, her daughter Bristol continues to find her way onto penises like her life depends on them. But hey, let’s give her a bit of credit here – at least she’s not using any Planned Parenthood resources! Wow! I bet that makes the GOP proud!

Then this week, Palin announced in Iowa that her son’s domestic violence was due to the fact that Obama is the President of the United States. Apparently, Obama’s lack of respect for our veterans has led Track Palin to drunkenly beating the shi*t out of his girlfriend, leading to her hide under the bed shaking. Wow, Obama, really?!

As any reasonable American would assume, this is a load of crap, and so is just about anything that comes out of the mouth of Sarah Palin.  That’s why this absolutely hilarious video of Bill Maher and Seth MacFarlane seems to sum up Sarah Palin and her children rather perfectly.  I honestly couldn’t have said it any better myself.

“It’s the most morally sloppy person, going to Iowa to convince the evangelicals, the supposed moral people, to vote,” says Maher himself.

MacFarlane chimes in:

“You watch her, you watch her, and you’re like what is, what is she on?  And then you realize the problem is she’s not on anything.”

“There’s nothing worse than a sober person talking like that,” says MacFarlane.

“Who actually wrote that for her?  A bunch of drunk monkeys sitting at typewriters?” questioned Rep. Alan Grayson.

You can watch the full clip below, via YouTube.