WATCH: Trump Stumped By Books Of The Bible, Gets Punked By Stephen Colbert (VIDEO)


Presidential candidate Donald Trump proves his voters ignorance daily. How Trump has become the leading Republican candidate shows just how moronic the Republican party has become. This week, Trump visited Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Being at a Christian school, Trump discussed the Holy Bible, which he is oh-so familiar with, even though it is painfully apparent he has not even read it. Trump also didn’t fail to mention that he:

‘..wrote The Art of The Deal, (he) wrote many best sellers like The Art of The Deal, everybody read The Art of The Deal.’

During his speech, Trump compared his s****y book as a second to the bible, and quoted a verse from 2 Corinthians, or “Two Corinthians,” as he calls it. The bigoted fascists that follow Trump look more ridiculous by the minute. Trump, in all of his holiness, proves he doesn’t even have to read the bible to quote from it.

Not only do his followers blindly follow him, they support him in his idiocracy! Trump has attempted to make sure he still seems tough; he rambles on and on to get the point across that he doesn’t cry. As everyone knows, real men don’t cry. He then explained that people who cry can still be good people. Trump knows plenty of people that cry, and while they may not be real men, they are good people in his book.

Trump has even been endorsed by John Wayne from the afterlife. Trump has figured out how to not only speak to those beyond the grave, but to get them on his side of this election! His claims are short lived, however, because it was not Wayne who endorsed Trump, but his daughter.

Watch below while Stephen Colbert pokes fun at Trump by saying, ” Consider this, if John Wayne were alive he would be an 108 year old White guy and that sounds like a Trump voter to me.” Donald Trump has a fan base of old, White, Republican men that keep his party going.

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