Enflamed Water Rights Rallying Cry Throws Logs On Fire Beneath Gov. Rick Snyder’s Feet (VIDEO)


The fury over the #FlintWaterCrisis and #DetroitPublicSchools, linked together by Michigan governor Rick Snyder’s emergency management law, is growing to a fever pitch, and if that makes you happy, Rick Snyder hasn’t even begun to feel the fire growing around him. Just take a look at the rallying cry in the video below and see for yourself:


That infectious fire and call to action is being spoken by Director of We The People of Detroit Water Advocacy Group Monica Lewis-Patrick, at Saturday’s People’s Tribunal For Violations of the Human Right to Water, and if you can’t feel that fire, you must be dead in your shoes.

The People’s Tribunal, held at the Cass Corridor Commons, in Detroit, was free and open to the public, as stated on its event page, and was organized by Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management (D-REM).

As posted by one participant present at the Tribunal, Valerie Jean, “WE put the illegal, draconian, unconstitutional, emergency managers law on trial last night…. WE had been listening to the politicians dance around telling lies to media networks about Detroit water shutoffs and the Flint water crisis for days. Finally it was time to hear from the people. All of us stood ready to hear the truth.”

WE put the illegal, draconian, unconstitutional, emergency managers law on trial last night! Hundreds of people…

Posted by Valerie Jean on Sunday, January 24, 2016


According to Jean’s post, hundreds attended the empowering event.

“One by one water warriors were called to the stage to testify. WE shared our first[-]hand accounts of what WE have witnessed throughout this whole manmade catastrophe WE have been fighting for years. WE were reminded over and over again by [Mayor Mike] Duggan and [Gov. Rick] Snyder’s defense attorney that these men are hero capitalists. Throughout their entire existence they have always put profit before human life.”

At the conclusion of the Tribunal, the people found both Duggan and Snyder guilty. As one juror stated, “It is on US. WE are the ones that are going to have to come together and make water a human right…. GUILTY! These capitalists will be tried in the streets!”

As Jean stated, the Tribunal was “a moment of healing and clarity,” stating that she received “100 hugs” as she departed.

“This is what LOVE looks like and WE are going to win,” she said.

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Featured image by Valerie Jean via Facebook.