Man Dies Of Stupidity: Plays Russian Roulette During Snowstorm


A Brooklyn man died in an apartment building where he lived while playing Russian Roulette during the snowstorm which pummeled the East Coast. Police confirmed the 37-year-old man died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head Saturday night while drunk with his ‘friend.’

The victim, Zdzislaw ­Golabek, and a friend were both playing the deadly game at about 8:00 p.m. at the height of the blizzard which has immobilized parts of the East coast.

The New York Post reports:

The shooting took place in an apartment on 45th Street in Sunset Park. ­Golabek lives in the building but not in the unit where he died.

Police would not immediately say whether his friend lives there.

Andrzej Golabek, Zdzislaw’s brother, said he heard about the fatal accident through his brother’s wife, Bozena.

“My feeling was like, I can’t believe it,” said Golabek, 37, who lives in Brooklyn. “I still can’t believe it.” “He was really quiet,” he added. “He never got into trouble.”

Medics were called, and despite the horrific weather conditions, they arrived on the scene only to find Golabeck dead with a gunshot wound to his head.

The weapon used was recovered and the victim’s ‘friend’ remained on the scene.

Russian Roulette is supposedly a ‘game’ which works by placing a single bullet in a random chamber before holding the loaded gun to one’s own temple, then pulling on the trigger.

The dumb player hopes they will not trigger the loaded chamber, with a one in six chance of dying. File that under: Stuff not to do when you’re bored.

What did you guys do during the snowstorm? I shoveled, went back out and shoveled again, then again, while working in between. I had a half of a glass of wine and stopped because I thought my lips were falling off my face. I called the airlines because my flight was cancelled and in total, I spent nine hours on hold to no avail. I sent hate-tweets to United Airlines, then left Facebook messages. And yet, throughout the boredom, I managed to not stick a gun to my head and pull the trigger. Weird, HUH?

Please treat your firearms as if they are lethal weapons, because that’s exactly what they are. It’s not a ‘game.’

The gun was reportedly unharmed during the shooting.

Image: Wikimedia Commons