Tina Fey And Darrell Hammond Nail It On ‘SNL’ As Sarah Palin And Donald Trump


On “Saturday Night Live,” Tina Fey did her spot-on, half-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) dressed in white-trash glitter. Fey was spouting Palin’s word confetti, as if it was her first language. Then, Darrell Hammond comes in wearing a raging-fox Donald Trump (R) wig to talk to the audience, as if he actually was the leading Republican presidential candidate.

Fey and Hammond gave us a rare bite of delicious comedy, as they impersonated Palin’s so-called endorsement of Trump in Iowa this week. Think about it. That’s no easy task, because the two real-life characters are living so far out in the extreme, that the air is thin. Their lives already are a political reality show.

Fey-as-Palin takes a mental ramble about leaving her full-time job, writing things on Facebook, to come endorse Trump. Hopefully, she isn’t concealing an AK-45 beneath that short skirt, because people with severe mental problems, really shouldn’t be carrying.

Then, the Trump double tells us why he really brought Palin on board:

‘She’s the total package. Smart. Legs. Yelling. Everything. I haven’t seen a woman this impressive since Jeb Bush.’

Meanwhile, Palin continues mispronouncing, rhyming, and running her stream of consciousness way through the skit. Now that’s scary, because her consciousness is in some imaginary land far, far away, where she can see Russia. Fey-as-Palin takes us to the Trumpsters and then rolls over a mishmash of abscessed molars and skuttle bits.

In a double hit, Hammond’s Trump warns us about her and pokes fun at the real billionaire’s lack of Biblical knowledge:

‘She’s two Corinthians short of a Bible.’

Palin is too blue for even the Trump man with her “bending over,” “sucking of the teats,” and “working the balls.” All the while, she is sounding like “a greeting card in a Chinese dollar store.”

Palin tells us in her best aside, that she doesn’t really think Trump will win:

‘Guess what, America, I don’t really think this guy should be president. I’m just here ‘cause he’s promised me a spot in his cabinet. And I belong in a cabinet ’cause I’m full of spice and I’ve got a great rack.’

I’m not really sure how the Donald could remain silent during his real Palin endorsement. But by the pained expression on his face, either his shorts were really in a bunch, or he realized he has let crazy out of the box and can’t put her back inside of it.

Watch the SNL clip below:

Featured Image: Screen Capture