WATCH: Christie SLAMS Rubio For This Joke About The Deadly Snowstorm In The N.E. (VIDEO)


Chris Christie claims Marco Rubio is not ready for The White House, and with good reason. The large snowstorm that hit the East Coast has caused at least 19 deaths, suffering, power outages, and business closures. All of this is irrelevant to Marco Rubio, who just wants to make a quick joke.

In a town hall in New Hampshire, Marco Rubio jokes:

‘In Washington right now, they are being buried in this snow blizzard. Which means that federal agencies were not able to work all day yesterday at issuing new regulations.’

Cracking jokes at the expense of Americans, all along the East Coast, who are suffering right now due to these storms, is not okay. Families suffering in the cold were completely unprepared for this massive snow storm, and in Rubio’s feeble mind it is appropriate to make light of this.

Christie heard this and slammed Rubio about how immature he truly is. He’s joking while families of the country he wants to lead are suffering and he thinks it is okay.

Christie slams Rubio’s lack of responsibility by saying:

‘That’s the different between a United States senator that’s never been responsible for anything and a governor that is responsible for everything that goes on in your state.’

To add insult to injury he asserts:

‘He has never had to make a decision of any consequence of all that he has ever had to be held responsible for. Voting yes or no in the United State senate every day, sitting where they tell you to sit, coming when they tell you to come, leaving when they tell you to leave, sounds like school to me.’

Rubio struck a nerve with his “ill-advised comments.” Christie notes how many people have lost their lives, and families living without loved ones should not be a laughing matter. Rubio’s illogical joking is not to be taken lightly at a time like this and proves his immaturity and inability to take on the presidential role.

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Source: Mediaite

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