WATCH Trump On ‘Face The Nation’: Doubles Down On ‘I Could Shoot Someone’ Comment


To hear Donald Trump tell it, he has never been wrong, never made a mistake, never needed to apologize, and never had to ask God to forgive him for anything. Which, if you know anything about human nature, is a gigantic steaming heap of freshly laid bullshit. No one is perfect, least of all a man who is worth at least a billion dollars.

Yet those who show up at Trump’s rallies seem to love the fact that he will not admit to having any faults or frailties. Even Trump seems amazed by the sheer ignorance of his supporters, saying just yesterday:

Yep, he said he could stand on 5th Avenue in New York, shoot a person, and not lose a single vote. Which is both a sign of Trump’s arrogance and the utter lack of comprehension and intellect among his supporters.

Earlier today, Trump was on the CBS Sunday news show “Face the Nation,” and he was asked by host John Dickerson:

You said yesterday you could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and wouldn’t lose voters. You’re that confident, huh?

Most people would take the chance to back down a bit, dial it down a notch or two and use some humility to lighten such a remark, but not Trump, because hey, he is never ever wrong, as he conveyed once more with his reply:

Well, I have a very great group of people, John.

No, you have a group of brain-dead zombie morons wandering around in search of someone who will tell them what to think.

Trump then added this bit of crap to the growing pile of dung which continues to accumulate as it falls from his lips:

I have people that are so loyal, and it’s been so reported, and even in your poll. But in a lot of polls, they do that, the loyalty factor. And my factor is up — when you add it all up, it’s pretty much close to 90 percent. These are people that just won’t leave. They will not leave.

I love my people. And it’s a great thing. I mean, it’s a great thing, far greater loyalty than any other candidate by double, triple, quadruple. And I love my people.

Donald Trump is never wrong. Don’t believe me, just listen to him yourself. Here’s the full interview, and the rest is as ridiculous as the sample you just received, so prepare yourself:

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