Michigan Militia Says They Will ‘Take Up Arms’ To Defend Flint Residents From Poisoned Water


Just when it seemed the water crisis in Flint, Michigan could not possibly get any worse, now an armed state militia is threatening to take up arms so as to protect residents and demand accountability from state officials.

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The Genesee County Volunteer Militia held a rally Sunday outside the Flint City Hall, and they said they want accountability from state administrators over how the city’s water supply became contaminated with lead and other toxins.

On Facebook, militia leaders posted this message to their members:

Militia, Oath Keepers, III%, Home Guard, and all other like groups to wear your uniforms and insignia to this event. All others are welcome to join us as well! We ask that you only wear side arms and not long rifles, this is not about our 2nd Amendment, this is about the infringement on the good people of Flint. God Bless the Republic.

Yeah, it’s not about the Second Amendment, but be sure and bring your handguns. But so no one will think we’re as crazy and gun-fixated as we are, please leave your rifles at home.

About 30 members showed up for the rally, and spokesperson Dave McKellar said that another 50 were spending the day distributing water to local residents.

At the rally, Maj. Matt Krol, Executive Officer/Information Officer of the Genesee County Militia told those gathered:

We’re here to defend this community. We’re not going to allow (the government) to step on the people of Flint any longer. If it means having to take up arms in defense…we will do that as well.

Sure, because an armed insurrection is just what’s needed to improve the quality of the water in Flint.

Krol also denied that the issue was about race, even though Flint is majority African-American:

This is not a racial issue, unlike some people last week tried to say. It’s a human issue. What happened here is a crime.

Then why not march to the Capitol and do a citizen’s arrest of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder? Nah, cops with guns might be there, and they might shoot the brave militiamen.

If you ever wondered what the Michigan Militia is all about, this report from Vice News should tell you all you need to know:

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