WOW: Ted Cruz Is Now Claiming He Didn’t Know He Had Health Insurance Coverage


In an attempt to appease New Hampshire conservatives, Ted Cruz publicly lied about Obamacare. Hoping to gain supporters, Cruz claimed Obamacare was responsible for leaving him and his family with no health care, and striving to find new coverage during the lapse. As with most things that come out of Cruz’s mouth, this was also complete foolishness. According to TPM:

‘In a reversal from claims made on the campaign trail, Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign is now saying the senator and his family do have health insurance and never lost coverage. The late night Friday revelation came more than 24 hours after Cruz had told a New Hampshire audience that he and his family were without health insurance and were scrambling to obtain new coverage–and used the claim to slam Obamacare for the mess he was in.’

Cruz’s attempts were short-lived because just 24 hours later he admitted his lie. Politicians telling little white lies here and there┬áto make themselves look better and others look bad is nothing new, but to blatantly lie and construct a whole story that has no truth to it in the first place is completely unnecessary. This level of immaturity and selfishness is ridiculous, and not the kind of personality America needs in charge.

When speaking in New Hampshire, Cruz claimed he received last minute notice of the changes to his insurance. This statement itself was already proven to be false when Blue Shield’s change of policy statements were sent out 2 months prior than when he claimed to receive them.

Cruz also noted that The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, was the reason the policy was cancelled and Blue shield no longer offered coverage in Texas. This notion to appeal to voters in New Hampshire was, again, proven false with Blue Shield’s statement saying they still cover many areas in Texas and only a few plans have changed. The customers were notified of the changes and are offering help to switch coverage.

According to Cruz, his new insurance policy is going to cost 50% more for the same coverage, shooting down the ‘Affordable’ in the Affordable Care Act. He also claims that he is currently looking for new insurance coverage while he and his family are left uninsured. In Texas, premiums have increased about 4% on average, nowhere near the 50% increase Cruz claims to have to pay. Cruz’s campaign claims, with no proof, that Cruz’s new insurance policy is 50% more, however he was not forced into that policy. Cruz picked the most expensive policy and wants to pin that on Obamacare.

To cover up his lies, Cruz claimed to be unaware that his family had health insurance. Being in the position he is in, with all of his educational background and political work, this is yet another blatant lie in attempt to make himself look good.

Cruz is a member of the United States Senate and though he denied it, is “eligible for government employee subsidies” which cover “up to 75%.”

At the end of the day, Ted Cruz tells bald-faced lies to make himself look better. He, nor his family, were ever under pressure to keep their insurance, nor were they in fear of losing coverage. Cruz tells lies to make himself look better, appease voters, and in attempt to seem more humble to the population. Cruz is a manipulative man and will do whatever it takes, even babble on about complete irrationality to gain voters approval.

Source: Dailykos

Image Source: CrooksAndLiars