BREAKING NEWS: Ammon Bundy Is In Police Custody After SHOOTOUT And Arrest (VIDEO)


BURNS, OR.- According to law enforcement officials, the leader of the Bundy Militia, Ammon Bundy, has been taken into custody. Officials told CBS News that Bundy and a group of others were arrested, and the circumstances are not yet clear. It was reported that there was gun fire during the arrest, but it is unknown who fired the shots.

The “militia” group has been occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon over the past three weeks, and it was unclear if anything would really come from these armed idiots talking over federal land. Now, with the arrest of Ammon, the rest of the clan shall surely fall soon enough.

The fact that Ammon was taken into custody alive speaks volumes of the supposed suicide mission some militiamen claim to be on. It was stated in the beginning that they went to the wildlife refuge to die for their cause, not to be arrested; two arrests later and this is still an ongoing issue. This is the second arrest of a militia member after another member was arrested in a grocery store parking lot for operating a federal vehicle without permission.

According to CBS News:

‘Bundy was expected at a meeting with community members in John Day on Tuesday, but never showed up. Last week, Bundy began speaking with federal authorities. Bundy went to the airport Thursday in Burns, Oregon, close to where federal officials had set up a staging area. With reporters watching, he spoke on the phone, apparently with an FBI negotiator. The conversation was streamed online by another member of Bundy’s group. At the time, Bundy said his group was “not going to escalate” the situation, and he agreed to speak with authorities again.’

Their delusions have been building, even calling their illegal take-over of the federal site a divine intervention. Militia member, Kelly Gneiting told KOIN:

‘God wants us here, there’s a sense that’s beckoning and it comes from heaven.’

More on the circumstances surrounding the arrest as soon as those details are made public.



Video courtesy of CBS News: