Comedy Central Brilliantly Attacks Racism In The Funniest Segment EVER


Comedian Jessica Williams is known for her hilarious segments on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.  Williams, who is also an actress, political activist, and senior correspondent to The Daily Show, recently made a trip to Whitesboro, New York to film a segment in which she confronted the citizens of Whitesboro about their racist town seal.

The town seal depicts a white man choking an American Indian, with his two hands around his neck.  Many of the residents of the town as well as officials have claimed that this is all in good spirits, and is a friendly match.  But Williams wasn’t so sure.

jessicawilliams Comedy Central Brilliantly Attacks Racism In The Funniest Segment EVER Celebrities Television
Screengrab of Comedy Central YouTube

While she was in Whitesboro visiting, residents of the town had to vote on their choice of a new design for the seal.  Residents and officials were able to vote on selecting a new logo, or for keeping the same one.

After the vote, Whitesboro’s mayor, Patrick J. O’Connor told Williams the town decided to keep the original logo.


Williams: Are you f%$king kidding me?!

O’Connor: Our residents came out to vote and keep the history of the seal the way it was.

Williams: This is BLOWING up my brain right now.  Do you guys just hate American Indians?

O’Connor: Absolutely not.

Williams: But if there are millions of people outside of the town telling you the seal is racist, wouldn’t it do you a service to listen to them?

O’Connor: The people in our village know this is just a friendly wrestling match.

Williams: This just is not even… you don’t… I don’t… I – can I do to you what that white man is doing to the American Indian man in that seal?

O’Connor: If it’s going to foster a better relationship, then yes.

Williams: Yeah, I think it would (audience laughter)


Williams later shared her story with Trevor Noah:


Noah: Wow. Wow, Jessica. I mean, unfortunately it seems some people will never change.

Williams: (smiling) Well actually, this morning I spoke with the Mayor of Westboro and guess what? They are CHANGING – THE SEAL! (BIG applause)

Noah: Wow! Wow! Are you for real?

Williams: Yeah, really, for really, for real! The village official and the descendants of Hugh White are getting together with the Oneida Indian Nation to make a new seal that makes everybody happy! WE DID IT!

Wow, what a victory! And the audience clearly agreed, as they cheered and applauded from their seats. You can watch the video via Comedy Central’s YouTube channel, here.

Feature Image: screengrab via Comedy Central YouTube