DERP ALERT: Fox News Reminds Viewers That Obama Isn’t Running For Third Term


In order to ease the minds of their dim-witted viewers, FOX News announced Obama will in fact not be running a 3rd time! In the land of knowing nothing about politics and getting all of your information from racist, conservative news anchors this is quite a shocker! Apparently many Fox News viewers do not understand that presidents are only allowed a maximum of 2 terms, information the average American learns in a 7th grade history class.

They start this seemingly endless babble with a clip of Obama saying:

‘The bubble is the hardest thing about the presidency and…makes me happiest about my tenure coming to an end. The one thing that gnaws on me is the degree of  continuous polarization and this has gotten worse over the years’

Not only can Obama not run for another term, but he doesn’t even want to! This is not enough evidence for FOX News however, because though they received this information they are still concerned with him winning.

FOX News anchors never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed, but it might not be just the viewers that need this information. While reading a tweet, twitter user @ricksheridan tweeted  “To be honest, I believe he (Obama) would beat anybody in the current GOP crop,” Brian Kilmeade says:

‘That could be the case. We’ll see.’

His co-host, Steve Doocy had to remind him:

‘But then again, he can’t run. So, he wouldn’t be running.’

We are still currently unsure if this message was just meant for Kilmeade or for all of the FOX News viewers. This repetitious prattle can only be expected from the FOX News station where knowing nothing about what you’re talking about it common among the news anchors.

Kilmeade goes on to say:

“The guy that really wanted a 3rd term was Bill Clinton, he never wanted to leave the white house!”

Realizing their mistake that Obama can not run for a third term, FOX pinned Hilary Clinton running for Presidency as Bill Clinton’s  ‘third term.’ Completely changing the subject and switching topics because in Kilmeade’s bird-brain something clicked and he realized his error. Getting this new news that presidents cannot in fact run for a 3rd term may have been the lightbulb moment.

Watch the moronic babble below:

Video courtesy of YouTube

Image Source: NationalReport