JIMMY CARTER: The Beloved Ex-President Has Released Sad Medical News (VIDEO)


Jimmy Carter is one of the most adored American Presidents in presidential history, and even at 91 years of age, Carter hasn’t stopped his typically active life. Just a few months ago, pictures of Carter building a house were everywhere on the internet, reassuring the country that the aging icon is still in good health despite the news of his troubles with brain cancer.

In November, Carter made this statement regarding his cancer status:

‘When I went this week they didn’t find any cancer at all, so I have good news.’

It was believed that Mr. Carter was completely cancer free when recent screenings came back clean, but Carter himself said this to Entertainment Tonight:

‘What I said was, they haven’t detected any cancer, but sometimes the cancer spots [return] including in my brain which is one millimeter, which is a tiny little thing, and so I’m still taking treatments regularly, and I’ll continue that until doctors tell me I don’t have to anymore.’

The former president has revealed that he is not completely out of the woods, and that his cancer is recurring. At his age, that is scary news. Bless you, Mr. Carter.

Video courtesy of WTVM:

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